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Online Tools That Can Help You Be More Efficient In Handling Portable Document Format or PDF Files

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Online documents have been essential assistance in our everyday life, particularly in the international sharing and exchange of information worldwide. Therefore, we should take maximum advantage of the efficiency that electronic documents offer. But it might be a difficult task to configure an electronic document like Portable Document Format.

A PDF file is one of the most challenging document formats to edit and configure. This article will assist you in experiencing a seamless modification of your PDF file with a variety of online tools in improving how you can handle PDF files better with the help of PDFBear.

Delete Pages from PDF

If you look for a quick and easy solution to remove pages from a PDF, a renowned website such as PDFBear is a great help. Having PDFBear as your converter for several purposes makes your work easier with your documents. First, PDFBear effectively enhances your document by eliminating and deleting pages you no longer wish to include.

This program also provides a range of productivity tools used by users to handle file-related problems. However, it would be best to consider that deleting pages from your document will permanently remove them from the document. Hence, saving an original copy is a must for emergency purposes. Here is how to use the delete pages from PDF online tool.

  • Upload the document that you want to remove the pages of your PDF file.
  • You will need to select the pages that you want to remove from your PDF file.
  • Apply the changes if you are done choosing the pages that you want to remove.
  • The process will start by removing the pages. Once it is done, you can now save it to your device or in online storage like DropBox and Google Drive.

Unlock PDF

A PDF file ranks among the most demanding edit or change document formats because of its unique characteristic that allows the precise features and graphics of an original copy to be shown. However, PDFBear will help you to edit and configure your PDF files effortlessly. The first in our list is the Unlock PDF application to help you with your PDF file in removing an encrypted password.

You should never forget that you have access to a PDF file if you want to remove encrypted passwords from a PDF file. If you don’t have access to it, it can’t be removed from a PDF file because you will need to remember the current password to remove the password itself.

You will need to input the address URL of PDFBear in your search box when erasing your encrypted password for your PDF file. Then, visit your website and pick the Unlock PDF online tool for your online document to start utilizing. To use the exact online tool that you selected, you can see the instructions. An example of how to utilize it is shown here.

  • Upload the documents you want to modify.
  • Specify your PDF file’s current password.
  • If everything suits your wants, Click the “Unlock PDF.”
  • You can now save your new PDF file onto your device.

Protect PDF

Most people in the present generation are reluctant to upload their essential and personal documents on the Internet. Hackers and those with evil intentions are the primary causes, waiting to punch and take advantage of their chance to obtain random web data.

It would be best if you also were concerned that anyone has access to your PDF file. Therefore, the number of persons who can view personal information in your PDF file should be reduced or controlled. In view of all this, you should use the online application Protect PDF to make your document more secure by placing an encrypted password on your PDF file.

All you need to do is perform the same as the previous online tool while using the PDF protective online tool. However, the directions for utilizing these online tools differ from the prior. Please remember that every online tool has distinct features, resulting in different sorts of instructions. An example of how to utilize PDF Protection may be seen here.

  • The first step is uploading your document into PDFBear
  • You will need to fill-up the new password for your PDF file.
  • If you are satisfied with the changes, click “Encrypt.”
  • You can now download or save it to your device.


It might also take time and frustration to modify a PDF. In addition, it is preferable if you use a PDFBear tool to assist you in handling your problems. It provides a fast and trustworthy service that meets your requirements. In general, if you utilize an online PDF conversion tool like PDFBear, you may effortlessly personalize your document.

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