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How To Find the Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

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Riding a motorcycle can be the most thrilling experience for youngsters and offers a sense of independence when you are driving on an open highway. Unfortunately, it can be a dangerous pursuit. The staggering statistic had related to such accidents is 44.6% involved alcohol and drugs. Suppose you are involved in a motorcycle crash, being a rider, passenger, or third party, what’re your rights & should you hire a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer?

Begin looking immediately

Some states have a Statute of Limitations, which means that you should file the claim within 2 years of your collision or you will give up the right of suing forever. One more reason why you must not hesitate to take legal representation is due to the evidence itself. The evidence will disappear fast when it comes to motorcycle cases that make proving fault & liability impossible. Moreover, insurance companies may use wasted time as ammunition to undervalue the claim. If you wait longer to take the right action, it will get tough to recover any damages that you are looking for.

Experience Practicing Law

The lawyer with many years of experience will be familiar with courts, other lawyers, and procedures involved in the motorcycle accident claims. The newly minted lawyer will be knowledgeable, but you should select somebody who has got experience in handling motorcycle accident claims & will not be learning on a job when representing your case. You can ask any lawyer you interview about their experience, which includes when he/she graduated from law school, for how long they are licensed, or how many times they have handled the motorcycle claims.

Find Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A good indicator of how much experience the lawyer has is the number of years that they are in the practice. Why’s an experience so important in these cases? The motorcycle crash cases generally present unique challenges to overcome any stigma people associate with the motorcyclist. An experienced motorcycle crash lawyer has might be key in deciding how you will proceed with the motorcycle crash case and get the possible results.


You may see motorcycle accident attorney commercials on TV for attorneys from various other parts of states. Some lawyers are situated very far, and you can hire them, it is hardly advisable. Selecting the lawyer located in your town means that they will know the lawyers on the defense bar, judges, and local court methods.

Track Record

The next important factor you need to know when looking for a lawyer is their track record. Whereas the lawyer’s past case results aren’t any guarantee on how your case may turn out, the record of success will be the indicator of the lawyer’s skill level. You can ask the prospective lawyer about their past case results & if they will offer you references from the former clients. You also can search discipline records and see if the lawyer has got any track record of discipline. This is an indicator that you are hiring the right lawyer and you will not have to face any kind of trouble. Just make sure you look for an experienced attorney who has experience in handling motorcycle accidents and is confident in taking up your case.

Trust your instincts

Finally, you must trust your instincts. Make sure you feel that the motorcycle crash lawyer that you meet with cares about the recovery and outcome of the case. Never settle for somebody who you don’t feel is a good motorcycle crash lawyer for your case. You can take recommendations from your friends and relatives if possible to find the right lawyer.

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