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Medicine Write For Us

Medicine Write For Us

Medicine is the field of health and healing. It includes nurses, doctors and various specialists. It includes the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, medical research and many other aspects of health. The aim of medicine is to promote and maintain health and well-being.

Modern conventional medicine is sometimes referred to as allopathic medicine. This involves the use of medication or surgical procedures, often supported by counseling and lifestyle measures.

Types of complementary and alternative medicine include acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine, art therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, and many more.

Medical Areas

Modern medicine has many areas and aspects. Here are some of them.

Clinical Practice

A physician is a medical worker who works directly with patients in a hospital or other healthcare facility. Nurses, doctors, psychotherapists and other professionals are all doctors.

Not all specialists are doctors. Researchers and laboratory technicians are not doctors because they do not work with patients.

The doctor evaluates the person with the aim of diagnosing, treating and preventing disease using the knowledge acquired through training, research, experience and clinical judgment.

Biomedical Research

This field of science looks for ways to prevent and treat diseases that lead to illness or death.

Biomedical scientists use biotechnological techniques to study biological processes and diseases. Their goal is to develop successful treatment and healing methods.

Biomedical research requires careful experimentation, development and evaluation. It involves biologists, chemists, doctors, pharmacologists and others.


This area is about medications or medicines and their use.

Doctors and other medical professionals use medications to diagnose, treat, cure and prevent disease.


Surgical procedures are required to diagnose and treat some types of diseases, deformities, and injuries. They use instrumental and manual means instead of medication.

A surgeon may perform surgery to remove or replace diseased tissue or organs, or may perform surgery to remove tissue for a biopsy. Sometimes they remove unwanted tissue and then send it for diagnosis.

Medical Equipment

Health professionals use a wide range of tools to diagnose and treat an illness or other condition, prevent symptoms from worsening, replace a damaged part (e.g. a hip or knee), etc.

Medical devices range from test tubes to sophisticated scanning devices.

Alternative and Complementary Medicine

This includes any practice that aims to heal but is not part of conventional medicine. The techniques vary greatly. These include the use of herbs, manipulation of “channels” in the body, relaxation, etc.

Alternative and Complementary do not have the same Meaning:

Alternative medicine: People use a different option than conventional medicine, such as relaxation measures to relieve headaches instead of painkillers.

Complementary medicine: People add another treatment option to a main treatment. For example, you can use relaxants and painkillers for headaches.

Alternative and complementary therapies are often based on traditional knowledge rather than scientific evidence or clinical studies.

Examples include homeopathy, acupuncture, Ayurveda, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine.

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