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PDFBear Online Tools: The Best Online Tools You Can Use With A Online Converter Tool

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PDFBear Online Tools: Portable Document Format is a type of document format that changed the way we handle our online documents. You will be able to use this type of document format to your advantage in making your online documents experience better. However, modifying this online document format can be a difficult task to do.

In having some challenges when using a PDF file, you can always use an alternative action by using an online converter tool, a third-party online tool that helps you modify your PDF file document. This article will show you some of the finest online tools you can use to change or modify your PDF files. 

Before we get started in explaining and showing you the best online tools that you should use, one of the most trusted from many internet and document users is the PDFBear which offers almost all of the online tools in its platform that you may need when modifying your PDF file. Here are some of the best online tools from PDFBear that you should utilize when handling PDF files.

Word to PDF

The first online tool that you should be using in your daily online document activity is the Word to PDF free online converter tool. This online converter tool is specifically made to convert from Word document format to a PDF file. You can easily find this online tool from PDFBear, which also has other types of converter tools for most formats available.

The main reason you should be converting your Word document into a PDF file is for you to read it better or more conveniently. In converting your documents, you will quickly scroll through different pages and read them exactly as the publisher intended in terms of their format, images, and more.

Suppose you have no idea how to convert your Word document into a PDF file. You can visit the website of PDFBear, and they will provide you with simple and straightforward instructions for you to follow. Here is how you can convert your Word documents into a PDF file.

  • Upload the Word document into their system.
  • Wait for your Word document to be scanned.
  • Wait for the conversion process to be completed.
  • Download the newly converted PDF file into your desired storage destination.

Delete PDF Pages

The following online tool that you should explore is the function of deleting PDF pages from your PDF file. Many individuals mainly use this type of online tool to remove unwanted or unnecessary pages from your PDF file. It is a fact that a PDF file is challenging to modify, and for that reason, an online tool, Delete PDF Pages, is made.

Another reason to use this online tool is to have a convenient experience in browsing through your PDF file, which helps you directly read the essential details from your PDF file. This can also help with the file size, which reduces each time you remove a page from the original PDF file. Here is how to delete PDF pages with PDFBear.

  • Choose and upload the PDF file that you want to modify.
  • Select the pages that you want to remove.
  • If everything is set, click the apply changes.
  • Click the download button to transfer the newly converted document into your storage.

Compress PDF Files

The last online tool that we will discuss will help you compress your PDF file into a smaller file size. The online tool Compress PDF file is made to answer the problems of having insufficient storage space for your documents. The best way you can face that problem is to reduce the file size to make more room for the upcoming documents.

However, one downside when you are compressing your PDF file into a smaller size is reducing the quality of the contents inside your PDF file, especially with the images. Always make proper decision making when using online tools like this one. Here is how you can use this online tool.

  • Drag and drop the online document that you want to compress into their system.
  • Choose the available option.
  • Your document will be analyzed.
  • When everything is complete, you can now download it or share it online.


Using an online tool is a great help to make our daily document activity more effortless than it used to. Having different online tools that have different effects on your documents makes sure that you are using an online tool specifically made to meet your online document needs.

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