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2021’s Matching Set Trend Means Big Things for 2022

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Matching Set: Last spring, we saw an explosion of clothing sets for women hitting the market. The quirky sets came in different varieties, from matching short sets to two-piece dresses and more. Thankfully, you don’t have to donate those matching sets for 2022. Here are some new ways you can repurpose your matching sets for the upcoming trends this year.

Mix and Match

Matching sets don’t have to stay together all the time. Give sets some space by splitting them up for a day or two. Pair patterns or colors that complement each other. Stock up on plain tops and bottoms to integrate into your set rotation.

Once you realize that you are free to style your matching sets however you want, you’ll have a ton of new options to keep you stylish in the coming year.

Texture Swap

One of the biggest 2021 matching set trends was texture. Sets featured bold looks, mixed textures, and pops of color. Now that you have a few textured sets laying around, you can easily match complimentary textures together. That knit top will look great with a loose, flowing fabric skirt. Pair that fuzzy skirt with a toned-down colorful crop top. By swapping design elements like this, you’re sure to create new fashions and stay stylish throughout the spring and summer.

Revitalize Your Knits

Knit sets were especially popular in the spring and fall of 2021. Thankfully, knits rarely go out of style. Take all of your matching sets and lay them out together. Some knit pieces may be transferrable between sets, especially if you mix them with sets that need a little more color.

Alternatively, you can look at your other knit pieces and layer them with your favorite matching sets. A knit cardigan could look great with a simple black set, and a demure knit top can offset a bolder print nicely. Play around with these textured pieces to see where it gets you!

Mixing Bold Prints

If you were following popular trends in 2021, chances are you own more than one bold, colorful print set. We have yet to find out if bold prints will be a continuing trend in 2022, but you can still use these pieces in new and unique ways.

First, make sure to tone it down. Use a plain, coordinating color and rock that bolder print. Instead of using both pieces of a bold set at once, mix with more subdued pieces to create great looks.

Textured Layers

Layering is important for your matching sets, especially in early spring when the weather’s still a little chilly. Make sure to pair your sets with cardigans, hoodies, blazers, and other layers. For those chilly weeks, layer on a scarf as well.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up to get the perfect texture. Staying warm is important, so don’t shy away from warmer layers!

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

We can’t overstate how important it is to accessories with your matching sets. Choose shoes, a bag, jewelry, hair ornaments, and belts that match the vibe of the matching set. Mix it up a little to get the results that you want! You can always choose universal bags and shoes, but where’s the fun in that?

Instead, choose bold pieces that work well with the sets you have. Narrow down a few different pairs, or items that will pair well with a few of your sets and invest them. It’s bound to work out in your favor, and you can always use them long after the matching set trend fades!

Create Your Own Sets

When your selection just doesn’t get the job done, don’t be afraid to seek out other options. Shop around for pieces that have the same colors, patterns, or other coordinating features. A matching et doesn’t have to match exactly – it doesn’t have to be cut from the same cloth.

Get creative with it! Make sure that you’re choosing pieces that you enjoy and would wear in your everyday life. Adding new pieces can really breathe new life into your wardrobe this year.


Matching sets aren’t going away any time soon. By finding new ways to mix and match, create your own matching sets, and revitalize other looks, you’ll be able to stay stylish with this evolving trend.