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5 Best Shoulder Holsters To Buy

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Shoulder holsters are the harness that is made to carry your gun under every arm, or firearm under the arm or extra ammo under another. Generally, shoulder holsters are made to be ambidextrous as well as helps you select which handedness works right for you. Suppose you are looking for a good shoulder holster, my favorite gun holsters will be Galco Jackass Shoulder Rig.

The shoulder holster was introduced first in the year 1970s, by the Jackass Leather Company. This holster features a horizontal gun holster that can easily get adjusted to the diagonal carry position. The other 4 points of its center cut harness will pivot independently as well as being well-connected to the Galco’s unique swivel backplate. Let us check out some more options here:

1. Galco Classic Lite

Many shoulder holsters mainly focus on carrying large guns, and it works. But, Galco makes the best and a lightweight shoulder holster that is good for small and large guns. This Classic Lite holster is well-suited for the smaller and the lighter guns just like PPK, Glock 26, or other subcompacts. This has thin straps, which are not made for heavy guns. But, overall, it’s lighter as well as comfortable for the smaller framed shooters. This Galco Classic Lite actually packs the holster & single magazine carrier in the compact & affordable package.

2. Aikate deep concealment holster

Aikate deep concealment gun holster is the most discreet choice available today. It is useful for people who would like to conceal the handgun when exercising, due to its low profile & flexible harness. There are 3 sizes available in left & right-hand configurations. But, this holster is a bit universal, so we suggest keeping the weight down with the compact and subcompact pistol. There are no magazine pouches included in this. That depends on the attire, it may not be an easily available way of carrying, but simple to stay out of sight as well as comfortable for running or other outdoor actions.

3. NcStar Horizontal Holster

The NcStar holster is best for the concealed carry and features the thumb strap for different size pistols, and tie-down straps that will secure the holster perfectly to the belt, and also double thumb for security.

4. Miami Classic 2

Suppose you wish to stay cool, get the Miami Classic 2 holster. When it comes to using this holster, then it was used in various Miami Vice shows and became quite popular from there. And Miami Classic 2 holster is a popular holster out in the market right now, and there’s a good reason why. This sets the standard for comfort, dependability, and adjustability. The Miami Classic’s straps are very comfortable, and the ability to adjust this holster over the wide range makes sure this stays comfortable. This Miami Classic holster is made for popular guns, which includes 1911s, Smith and Wessons and Glocks, and many more.

5. Aker 101 holster

Aker 101 holster strikes the desirable balance between the features and price. You will save a good amount, you can buy many boxes of ammunition as well as enjoy the platform-specific leather and spider harness without any kind of belt loops. The holsters are accessible for various models from the manufacturers like Glock, Beretta, Springfield, and Sig Sauer. As this holster comes open-ended, the barrel length won’t affect its compatibility.


Do not get convinced by people who tell you that shoulder holsters are the thing of the past. They are the basic design, which works really well when you want it. The shoulder holster, which is comfortable, adjustable as well as conceals well may come in very handy.

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