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6 Ways You May Be Able to Prevent Alzheimer’s

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There are many ways that you may be able to prevent Alzheimer’s and some of them have to do with addressing your daily habits. Here’s a look at 6 ways you can lessen your chances of developing Alzheimer’s. Read this list for further advice.

Improving Your Diet

The first place to start when you are trying to limit your risk factors for Alzheimer’s is to address what you are eating. If you know that you can clean up your diet a bit, this is what you should do. Try to incorporate more fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean proteins into your meals, and limit processed foods. Perhaps you can figure out healthier snacks to eat throughout the day as well, such as substituting potato chips with a handful of almonds.

You should also make sure that you are staying hydrated. One way to do this is to drink when you are thirsty. Your body will let you know the amount of water you need each day.


Exercising can be a large part of preventing Alzheimer’s as well. If you don’t already have a plan that you stick with, you should begin one. You may start small, however. It is recommended that every adult tries to get their heart rate up 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week. Keep working until you can exercise this amount. It may take a while to be able to work out this amount, but once you are able to, stick with it.

Taking Care of Your Physical Health

Something else you may want to focus on is getting yourself checked out by your doctor regularly. The reason this is necessary is so you can get treatment for any ailments as soon as possible. If you have a condition that was left undiagnosed and untreated, this may cause additional health problems for you in the future.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health

Additionally, you should consider your mental health. When you feel like you need to work with a therapist, you should reach out to one. There are many options available, where you won’t just have to sit in a doctor’s office. Instead, you can find a counselor through an online therapy app and interact with them in the privacy of your home. This could make therapy more accessible to you.

To find out more about Alzheimer’s and how it can affect the body, you can check out BetterHelp for all of the information that you are looking for.

Continue to Learn

It may also be important to continue learning as much as you can. To achieve this, one hobby to consider is reading. If you keep reading books or trying out new things, this can help your brain continue to learn. It is thought that this is crucial to keeping your brain healthy and can help your cognition overall.

Stay Social 

You should also do what you can to stay social. Make sure that you are keeping up with friends and family members, and you connect with them as often as you can. If it is possible, hang out with the people that mean the most to you from time to time. This can help you keep your social skills up, which could make a difference when it comes to keeping your brain healthy. It can also be positive for your mood.


If you have ever found yourself concerned about Alzheimer’s Disease and you want to do whatever you can to prevent it, you should start with the items on this list. Improve your diet, start exercising, and make sure you get checked out by your doctor regularly. Besides that, you should keep up with the people that are important to you and talk to a counselor when you want to. Together all of these aspects may be able to decrease your chances of Alzheimer’s. As a bonus, these tips are beneficial for your overall health and wellness too.

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