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Amla Hair products – Benefits and Best Amla Hair Products in the market

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  • Amla Hair products have a higher natural vitamin C content, and we use it in several Ayurvedic hair products and medicines.
  • It is a natural antioxidant and is ideal for topical application to hair and skin. It is an excellent natural hair conditioner.
  • Amla hair products can nourish, strengthen, and condition your hair, thereby making it shiny and adding volume to your hair.

Benefits of Amla Hair Products

  • Amla powder is an anti-hair loss, stimulates hair growth,
  • It delays the appearance of grey hair.
  • We can enhance hair colour.
  • Provides nutrients to hair roots
  • And also, it removes hair frizz.

Best Amla Hair Products in the market

1. Matrix Oil Wonders Indian Amla Strengthening Oil (125ml)

  • Firstly, revive your damaged hair with Oil Wonders Indian Amla Strengthening Oil from Matrix.
  • Secondly, this strengthening treatment will make your hair softer, shinier, and more supple. Its sweet Amla scent will captivate you.

The oil is appropriate for all types of hair, and its characteristics are:

  • Mark: Matrix Biolage
  • Range: Oil Wonders
  • Cut: Another Size
  • Usage tips:
  • Multi-use:1-2 doses before your shampoo for a treating treatment or as a finish. Apply more and less depending on the thickness and capacity of your hair.
  • Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, Alcohol Denat, Parfum / Fragrance, Geraniol Olea, Europaea Oil / Olive Fruit Oil, Hexyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Salicylate, 2-Oleamido-1,3-Octadecanediol, Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone, Limonene, Linalool, Coumarin, Citronellol, Benzyl Alcohol, Eugenol, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract.

2. Khadi Mauri Amla Reetha & Amla Bhringraj Shampoo


  • Khadi Mauri Shampoos contains natural extracts of herbs that impart shine to hair.
  • It promotes hair growth and nourishment to hair & scalp, leading to soft, smooth, lustrous, and damage-free hair.


  • It is anti-dandruff, anti-hair fall, colour protection, daily care, damage repair, and Deep Conditioning.
  • Dryness Care, Frizz Control, Hair Shine, Hair Volumizing, Nourishment, and Moisturization, Scalp Cleansing, Split-ends, Straightening, and Smoothening Shampoo.

Ideal For: Men & Women

Suitable For: All Hair Types

3. Garlic Herbal Amla Oil 50 ML (100% Natural & Pure Amla Oil)


  • It is a pure natural Amla Oil – Good hair grease for Shiny, Healthy, sturdy and exquisite Hair.
  • Firstly, it helps in overall moisturizing and acquisition of oil for the Hair and Scalp.
  • And also, it stimulates healthy hair growth, forestalls hair breakage, split ends, and loss of hair.
  • It is an excellent supply of water-soluble vitamins and nutrition to enhance hair texture and shine.
  • And also, it promotes longevity, animates the body, and enhances the intellect once used as a head massage oil.

4. Dabur AMLA HAIR OIL 500ml Hair Oil

  • Firstly, it is a cold-pressed pure oil, and we pack ordinary amla hair oil with the goodness of amla.
  • Secondly, the Regular use of this oil will help strengthen hair roots, proper nourishment, and promote hair growth.


  • For Men & Women
  • Suitable For All Hair Types
  • Applied For Hair Growth
  • Sulfate-Free

5. Oshea Herbals Amla Care Hairfall Control Shampoo

  • The hair falls control shampoo will gently work on your hair roots to strengthen the roots.
  • It helps to nourish them and gives you radiant and robust hair deeply.

6. Forest Essentials Amla, Honey, And Mulethi Hair Conditioner

  • We pack it with the goodness of amla, honey, and herbs.
  • These beautiful ingredients will work instantly to bring life back to your dull looking hair in a natural way.

7. Luxura Sciences Pure Amla Powder

  • Amla powder is known to promote hair growth while treating scalp conditions for dark and healthy hair naturally.
  • And also, it prevents premature greying of hair and reduces the appearance of skin blemishes.

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