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Best Online Boutiques to Buy Simply Southern Shirts

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Simply Southern shirts are known for being preppy and comfortable. With so many graphics and catchy phrases, they can be a great way for you to express your personality while being trendy at the same time. When you want to embrace the southern lifestyle within your wardrobe, it’s important to know the best online boutiques to buy the brand.

Imagine That Boutique

The Imagine That Boutique is an online clothing boutique that offers a large selection of Simply Southern shirts for men, women, and kids. The collection is one of the most featured on the site, allowing you to find t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, hoodies, jackets, and more from the brand.

New collections from Simply Southern are loaded into the online boutique regularly, making it easy for you to find all of the latest designs.

Beyond shirts, you can also find bags, bag charms, jewelry, tumblers, and more from the Simply Southern brand. In addition to low prices, you can also take advantage of sales that appear online throughout the year.


Gliks is a boutique that appeals to the whole family. They offer a number of brands – predominantly focused on the adventurous and outdoor mindset. Beyond such brands as Patagonia and The North Face, the boutique also includes Simply Southern because of the many outdoorsy themes that are offered.

Women’s, Men’s, and Youth collections are featured from Simply Southern, allowing you to find the clothing you love for the entire family.

There’s also a way to search the brand so that you can find all of the most recently released styles, ensuring you’re the trendiest one in your social circle.

Prep Obsessed

Prep Obsessed is a brand that has been known to appeal to the preppy lifestyle – complete with classic designs, bright colors, and flattering prints. The boutique offers everything from capris to sundresses to pajamas – and many of these come from the Simply Southern brand.

Since the boutique offers clothing for women as well as accessories and home décor, you can find products from the Simply Southern brand in all of these categories, too.

Palmetto Moon

Palmetto Moon is an online boutique that embraces all things southern for the family and the home. You’ll find clothes for women, men, and kids. Plus, you’ll find drinkware, gifts, and so much more.

Simply Southern is one of the most featured brands at Palmetto Moon, allowing you to find a wide array of t-shirts. Many of the shirts feature classic themes including tie-dye, dogs, South Carolina icons (where the brand originated), and sea life.

The boutique also offers a loyalty program, allowing you to earn perks as you shop for Simply Southern and other brands on their site.

Amy’s Party Store

Amy’s Party Store is a family-owned and operated boutique that focuses on providing a number of things to get the party started. From everyday entertaining to special occasions, you can find all sorts of things – including many items from the Simply Southern brand.

Simply Southern shirts are some of the most popular items within the boutique. However, you can also find socks, shoes, leggings, and even pet collars from the brand. You can shop for yourself or for that special someone you’re buying a gift for.

Simply Cute Tees

Simply Cute Tees is a boutique that keeps it simple by offering one main form of clothing – tees. You can find t-shirts, loungewear, and tank tops, ensuring you have comfortable clothing that fits your personality.

Simply Southern is one of the more predominant brands found within the boutique. You can find the preppy, southern t-shirts that you love in a variety of colors and sizes, including women’s, plus, and youth. All of the latest designs are featured, and you can enjoy free shipping when you spend over $50.

Girls Round Here

Girls Round Here is a boutique that specializes in clothing for women – all with a country edge. With a focus on country phrases, it’s no surprise that they’ve chosen to offer designs from Simply Southern.

Animal prints, flowers, North and South Carolina icons, and more are included within the Simply Southern t-shirts offered in this boutique. Everything has been carefully curated to ensure that it appeals to the countrywoman. Beyond shirts, you can also find outerwear, shoes, drinkware, and pet accessories from the brand.

Artsy Abode Boutique

The Arty Abode Boutique is based in the south, offering brands from all over the southern part of the U.S. The boutique is based in St. Augustine, so it’s obvious that the Simply Southern brand appeals to its customers.

Simply Southern is a top brand featured within the boutique. You can find shirts in Adult and Youth sizes as well as hats and accessories. Many of the shirts focus on the beach and outdoors to fit within the Florida southern style that they have chosen to specialize in.

The Lamp Stand

The Lamp Stand is an online boutique where you can find not only clothing but also home décor. They focus on all things southern, so anything you can expect to see south of the Mason-Dixon line will likely be featured in one form or another.

Simply Southern shirts are found abundantly within the boutique for men and women alike. They have a number of popular designs and catchphrases, allowing you to find ones that suit your personality. The boutique is also one to offer free shipping on various occasions throughout the year, helping you to save money.

What to Look for in an Online Boutique

Searching for an online boutique can be challenging because of the sheer number of what’s out there. You’ll want to choose a boutique based not only on the variety of clothing options but also on things such as customer service, pricing and promotions, and return policies.

Look for what makes a boutique unique. Read reviews to ensure that what a boutique says about itself can be trusted.

Once you find an online boutique that you love, you can buy Simply Southern shirts as often as you desire – and perhaps a few other items for your wardrobe (or home) at the same time.