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Can Shapewear Reshape Your Body Permanently?

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Shapewear is a contemporary wardrobe staple. It goes everywhere you do, from the office to a formal evening. When you size and wear it right, your shapewear smooths out imperfections and facilitates sleek curves so you can feel your best. It even provides posture support. Does shapewear reshape your body permanently, though?

What Is Shapewear?

Shapewear consists of foundational garments for men and women. Today’s shapewear contains strong, stretchy synthetic fibers that mold themselves to your contours and lightly compress bumps or other imperfections. The basic pieces of shapewear include the following:

The great thing about individual shapewear pieces is the opportunity to target your problem areas rather than use a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, if you are mainly concerned about shaping above the waist, a cami shaper might provide just the contouring you need.

Appropriate Shapewear Sizing Provides Results

Shapewear for women may seem like magic, but don’t be fooled. It cannot make you a size 6 if you’re a size 10. The shaping effect lasts only as long as you wear these pieces.

Also, be aware that going a size smaller with your shapewear will only put a squeeze on your natural curves, causing discomfort and bulging. Instead, purchase shapewear in your customary size to make the most of its effect.

Appropriate Shapewear

Do More Traditional Waist Trainers Provide Permanent Results?

If you want to trim down your waist appearance, try a waist trainer. Unlike compression shapewear, this foundation piece takes a cue from the classic corset. In the 1600s, the corset was the primary means of shaping – for both men and women – for centuries.

Corsets featured lacing that drew in the silhouette and whalebone inserts that helped shape the torso into an hourglass profile. At the height of their popularity in the 19th century, extremely tight corsets were causing health issues such as respiratory distress, deformity and even miscarriage.

During the early and mid-20th century, women wore more flexible girdles to slenderize their torsos, waists and hips. While restrictive, these undergarments were more comfortable and easier to put on than a corset.

Newly redesigned 21st-century shapewear embraces your curves with compression panels that still provide some give. Our waist cinchers, for example, wrap around the waist and fasten in front. They come in three levels of compression, from moderate to extra firm.

Can waist trainer shapewear reshape your waist permanently? Not really. While you are wearing it, this corset-type garment tapers your torso into a more desirable shape. Once you remove the garment, though, your body reverts to its customary shape and size.

However, you can wear your waist trimmer as often as you choose. You can even leave it on while working out. This kind of undergarment not only slims and supports good posture but is also very comfortable.

Tips for Shapewear Success

  • Be realistic in your expectations when purchasing everyday shapewear.
  • Select the lightest compression that you can get away with for more comfortable contouring.
  • Go a size up with your shapewear if necessary to get the right fit.
  • Select a shapewear component that extends beyond the area you want to shape so that it stays put.
  • When you shop for your shapewear, bring along the clothing that you plan to wear on top, if possible, to get the look you want.
  • Give your body a break from shapewear when you sleep.
  • Core strength training enhances the effect of your shapewear.

Shapewear Success

Get a Great Selection, Comfortable Compression and Stunning Style

Purchasing shapewear from a shop that covers a spectrum of shapes and styles is crucial for finding the perfect fit for you. Always ensure you are realistic in your expectations and browsing for the correct size for your body. When you have shapewear that fits you just right, you’ll feel like you can take on the world!

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