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Dark lip makeup – Latest trends, Selection, Method, and Dark lip makeup products

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The dark lip makeup trend

  • Dark lip makeup looks fabulous and for that we have to find the shade that perfectly matches your skin color.
  • For many seasons now, the noticeable arrival on our lips of dark lipsticks.
  • We can spot it at the start (and as always!) On the catwalk catwalks, dark lipstick has conquered the general public that we are.
  • We must say that wine lees, burgundy, purple, brown, or even violet: to look chic in makeup for the mouth, we have not found better.

Who is dark lip makeup for?

  • Choosing to wear dark lipstick is very sophisticated but, above all, very risky.
  • For example, on black skin, a brown lipstick may look dull, but it goes very well on Beyoncé’s mixed skin.
  • The rule is not to apply lipstick lighter than your skin or too tone-on-tone.
  • On the other hand, nothing more stunning than a very dark cherry red lipstick on an ebony skin, an intense purple, or even a petrol blue (you only have to look at Naomi Campbell to agree!)
  • If you have fair tone skin, any shade of dark lipstick will look great on you.
  • But since dark lipsticks have an unfortunate tendency to harden facial features, you should make the right choice for an elegant “dark lips ” effect.

How to choose your dark lip makeup?

  • It obviously depends on your skin. To find out whether you should wear warm shades or, on the contrary, rather cold, we give you some ideas.
  • Look inside your wrist for the color of your veins.

How to properly apply dark lipstick?

  • Applying dark lipstick must be done properly.
  • We start by tracing the lips’ outline with a pencil of the same color as the lipstick you are going to apply.
  • It will fix the lipstick and prevent it from overflowing or spun.
  • This same lip liner is used to fill the inside of the lips roughly.
  • To spread the pigments, do not hesitate to tap all of your lips with your fingers.

Makeup products to apply

  • Concealer is applied to the contour of the lips.
  • The must is to use a concealer brush for precise, clean, and crisp work.
  • We apply the lipstick with a makeup brush for more precision.

Matt, satin, balm: textures are diversifying

  • The textures are also diversifying. The mats become more comfortable (Urban Decay Blackmail) and go from the classic stick to the liquid Ink format (Chanel).
  • Terry offers a new hybrid texture: a balm overloaded with pigments that do not spin (By Terry Dark Purple).
  • Queen Lipstick masters metallics to perfection (Wine Metal shade) and translucent ones for a bitten lip effect (Possessed Sheer shade).
  • At the same time, L’Oréal sets its sights on satin (Infallible Sexy Balm shade Wasted).
  • In general, satin is favored by daytime beauty stash and matt by night owls.
  • As for glosses and translucent, they can be worn alone or transform colors and give them shine.
  • Finally, using a brush or the applicator, we color the lips.
  • Depending on the desired intensity, we iron several times.
  • To avoid the flat and massive effect that these tones can create, it suffices to degrade the red from the center to the lips’ corners.

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