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DIY Eye Mask Dark Circle – Amazing DIY Eye Masks for Dark Circles

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  • DIY Eye Mask dark circle helps remove those purple or black bags that appear below the eyes, which makes your face looks dull and tired.
  • There are many causes at the origin of dark circles, whether hereditary, generated by stress, insomnia, or low diet.
  • Whatever the cause, it is necessary to treat the skin in this area to be healthy and use DIY Eye Mask dark circle.

DIY Eye Masks for Dark Circles

1. Cucumber and Potato mask

  • As you all know, cucumber slices are a classic for removing dark circles and masking the effects of fatigue.
  • But for greater efficiency, you can make a natural cucumber and potato mask.
  • The two excellent vegetables to heal the skin and deflate the bags under the eyes.
  • To prepare this mask, you only need to peel half a cucumber and half a potato and put the two ingredients in a blender.
  • Then you need to apply the paste under the eyes and leave it on for 10 minutes.
  • It is essential to be relaxed and to close your eyes while the mask is in effect.

2. Chamomile tea and Yoghurt mask

  • Chamomile is another natural, famous, and influential ingredient that removes dark circles naturally.
  • It is an excellent anti-inflammatory to decrease swelling and help dark circles not be much visible.
  • So try the natural mask made from chamomile tea and yoghurt.
  • You will need a little hot water, natural yoghurt, and a bag of chamomile tea to prepare it.
  • The first step is to prepare the chamomile infusion and then add two teaspoons of natural yoghurt to the injection.
  • Secondly, apply the resulting mixture to dark circles and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Then remove the product with lukewarm water.
  • You will appear rested, and you will look better.

3. Apple puree mask

  • Apple is an exciting option to reduce dark circles is to develop a natural apple-based mask.
  • The fruit is rich in antioxidants and acts as a powerful renovator of cells present in the lower part of the eyes.
  • It helps while hydrating the skin and reducing the shadows that we create in this area.
  • You only need to boil an apple and then grind it until you get a uniform paste.
  • Then let cool and apply to the outlined area for a few minutes.

4. Avocado and Almond oil mask

  • The avocado is one of the most delicate fruit to beautify the skin and give it more brightness.
  • We combine it with almond oil. It is highly beneficial for the eye area: it effectively fights dark circles and gives you a radiant appearance.
  • This natural mask’s development against dark circles is rapid to do:
  • remove the pulp from the avocado, chop it with a fork until a paste.
  • Then you can add five drops of almond oil.
  • Blend the ingredients and apply it on dark circles for 5-10 minutes.
  • You will feel that your skin is more hydrated, healthier, and free from dark circles.

5. Coffee and Honey mask

Now that you know all of what these foods can do for your skin let’s walk you through to make and apply a Coffee Honey Concealer Mask.


  • Three tablespoons of natural honey
  • Two tablespoons of ground coffee or coffee grounds

Preparation and processing:

  • Prepare coffee and liquid for dark circles.
  • In a container, pour the coffee and add the natural honey.
  • Mix well until you obtain a uniform paste, and we integrate the coffee well with the honey.
  • Cleanse your face to remove the remnants of makeup and impurities that would prevent the mask from working correctly.
  • Carefully and with your fingers or with the help of a facial brush, apply the mixture to the eye area, avoiding contact with the eyes directly.
  • If it gets in the eyes, then rinse it out with plenty of water.
  • Leave on for 20 minutes and remove the mask with cold, abundant water.
  • You can apply this mask on dark circles twice a week at the start, and after a while, once a week will suffice. This mixture is also perfect for making a full face or acne mask.

Other natural remedies for dark circles

In addition to these natural masks to eliminate dark circles, you can also use other natural remedies, just as effective.

1. Milk-based compresses:

  • Dip a few pieces of cotton in cold milk and place them on your eyelids.
  • Then remove them with cold water.

2. Rose petals:

  • Place a few rose petals in hot water and leave them in a closed container for two hours.
  • Then, soak two cotton pads in the liquid and place them on the eye area—a great solution to hide fatigue.

3. Honey compresses:

  • Mix a spoon of love with a quarter of a litre of warm water.
  • Soak the cotton ball and apply it to your eyes for 10 minutes.

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