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Emerald Cut Wedding Bands: Things You Need to Know

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The emerald cut diamond is a classic diamond cut that highlights flawless diamond clarity and sophisticated artistry. Emerald cut wedding bands maintain the elegance of this cut whether used as a stand-alone wedding band or as a flawless complement to any style engagement ring. An emerald cut diamond is an elegant cut featuring a large table top and a deep pavilion bottom.

Otherwise known as a “step cut,” the emerald cut diamond boasts 58 total facets. The rows of parallel facets on the top and bottom of the diamond resemble steps, which gives a stunning and intriguing hall of mirrors effect.

The artistry of the emerald cut reveals a larger surface area of the table with the “steps” drawing the eye to the center of the diamond; the result is intense clarity and color, which is unmatched in other diamond cuts. The long, parallel lines of the emerald cut diamond elongate the finger creating an exceptional effect that does not go unnoticed to the wearer or the observer.

The emerald cut creates beautiful white and colored light reflections, but it does not magnify diamond brilliance. The emerald cut highlights diamond clarity, which makes quality an imperative factor when choosing your diamond.

If you are in the market for an emerald cut loose diamond, the information below will help you in selecting a great stone for your taste and budget. When searching for the perfect emerald cut wedding and eternity band, there are a few factors to consider for maximum diamond impact: color, clarity, and ratio.



  • The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades diamonds on a color scale of D to Z. A “D” color grade is a colorless diamond while a “Z” color grade is a light-colored diamond. D, E, and F color grades are colorless diamonds and the differences are generally undetectable to an eye.

G, H, I, and J color grades are considered as “near-colorless,” with only slight traces of color in the diamond. These color grades bode well with white gold or a platinum setting, which will prevent any trace of color in the diamond.


The elongated lines of the emerald cut do not effectively conceal imperfections, which makes diamond clarity the most important factor when choosing an emerald cut wedding and eternity band.

The higher the clarity of your emerald cut wedding band, the better. Higher clarity will prevent any visible imperfections in the heart of the diamond. When choosing the perfect emerald cut diamond, find VS2 clarity or higher to ensure an eye-clean diamond from all viewpoints.

Length to Width Ratio

A diamond’s length to width ratio tells how squared or elongated its shape is. The length to width ratio is calculated by dividing the diamond’s length by its width. Emerald cut diamonds are generally cut in rectangular shape with a ratio between 1.3 and 1.5. The higher the ratio, the more elongated the emerald cut is. The lower the ratio, the more square the diamond will appear.

The engagement ring takes center stage from engagement day to the wedding day. While the engagement ring is certainly important, the selection of a complementary wedding band is equally important for total impact. Whether you prefer a wedding or eternity band that sits next to your engagement ring, perfectly contrasts band metals, or glamorizes a simply classic engagement ring.

Emerald Cut Wedding Bands feature perfectly matched diamonds that flow synchronously to create a uniform appearance on the finger. Since the emerald cut diamond has a larger surface area, the emerald cut eternity bands are wider than the delicate pave styles.

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A wedding band with an emerald cut will be cheaper than a wedding band with a round diamond. Emerald cuts are cheaper per carat than most cuts, and are significantly cheaper than round diamonds. This is due to two main reasons: lower demand for emerald cuts and higher yield on cutting.

Final Thoughts on Emerald Cut Wedding Bands

Emerald cut wedding bands are the perfect choice for those desiring a larger looking diamond without a hefty price tag. Emerald cut diamonds offer an elegant shape and unique step cuts. Choose a flawless emerald cut wedding band that perfectly suits your partner’s taste and personality

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