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Eyeliner with Spoon – Description, and Steps Using Eyeliner with Spoon

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  • Eyeliner with Spoon is a suitable method for accomplishing sleek cat eyes, has already discovered the one secret to perfect eyeliner.
  • It has also experimented with multiple liner types; never in my makeup history used a spoon to do winged eyeliner.
  • Yes, we might be a little late on the trend, but using a spoon for wings will be great.

Creating a Perfect Stroke using eyeliner with Spoon

  • You can use a spoon for just about everything regarding prepping your palette and applying the products!
  • And yes, this also includes winged eyeliner. However, even though beauty bloggers seemed to love the trend, some makeup artists do not sell on it.
  • It is like using a stencil to do your eyebrows; it’s not one outline fits.
  • That’s like saying you should make use of a ruler to do eyeliner.
  • Beautiful makeup, to me, is not about harshly unnatural perfect lines.
  • I mean, it makes sense. I like the flexibility of doing free-hand eyeliner because it feels creative each time.

Steps to Use Eyeliner with Spoon

Still, I was interested in the spoon technique and tried it out to see all the excitement.

1. Measure Wing Lengths

  • To make sure we apply eyeliner to the accurate areas, I measured my wing lengths beforehand.
  • The Spoon was a little bit firm to manoeuvre at first, but I managed to find places to begin and finish.
  • Next, we Use the handle For The Bottom Wing.
  • We place the handle alongside my lower lid, where it curves upward for the wing’s bottom part.
  • I took the eyeliner and followed the handle up until we complete the wing.

2. Use the Spoon for the Top Wing

  • It was more of a tricky task for me. First of all, the Spoon was a bit oversized for my eyelid.
  • When I tried to apply eyeliner, I just had to trust the Spoon instead of controlling myself.
  • I placed the Spoon halfway in the centre of my lid and connected it to my bottom wing line’s endpoint.
  • It is basically like a stencil, and I just had to pursue through with the lines.

3. Fill In Accordingly

  • After we draw the lines using eyeliner, we fill them in shape accordingly.
  • It’s pretty straightforward once it’s done and went smoothly.
  • My wings were slightly thicker than I usually drew them, but it still worked nonetheless.

4. The Verdict

  • Don’t be afraid to try the method out, though, especially if you’re a winged eyeliner newbie.
  • It works; you need a little bit of patience!
  • No matter how you make your mind up to do your wings, you have to be confident with yourself, and you’re good to go, spoon or no spoon!


  • When applying eyeliner with a free hand, make sure to rest your elbows on a flat and steady surface.
  • It will give a fair amount of control over your hand movements.
  • If this guide doesn’t do the job for you, you probably require additional help to master those killer wings.
  • Fret not. Your solution lies in everyday items like Spoon, scotch tapes, or brushes meant explicitly for the purpose.

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