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Glycerin Soap for Face – Benefits, Home Recipe of Glycerin Soap, and More

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Glycerin soap for the face is excellent for treating acne on the skin. In addition to being deeply clean, it prevents breakouts and leaves pores clear.

It is essential to prevent the formation of new impurities.

Glycerin is mainly used to prepare soaps and because of its disinfectant, antiseptic and bactericidal properties. And you can get the best body soap here with also contains glycerin.

Benefits of glycerin soap for face

  • It is part of the composition of many organic body soaps, lotions and creams indicated to keep the softness and suppleness of the skin of the face and the body.
  • It is very appreciated for its decisive moisturizing action and has the following benefits of glycerin soap for the look.

1. Amazing Moisturizing Capacity

  • Among the many benefits of glycerin soap for the face, note its extraordinary moisturizing capacity.
  • It draws water into the dermis, which holds it in and stays hydrated and perfectly nourished.
  • So if your skin is dehydrated and you continuously suffer from tightness, flaking, itching, or rough areas on the face.
  • The right solution is to pour a few drops of liquid glycerin in your usual moisturizer to enhance its effect.
  • You will find that this simple trick will make your skin much smoother and more radiant.

2. Antibacterial Properties

  • Glycerin soap has become a top-rated product for the treatment of dermatitis or eczema.
  • Inflammation occurs in the skin’s outer layers, causing erosions, redness, tingling, and dryness, among other symptoms.
  • So, glycerin is very effective in reducing these discomforts and speeding up the repair of damaged tissue.
  • That is why it is an excellent natural solution to promote the healing of skin wounds.

3. Anti-ageing Product

  • You’ll hydrate your skin, and glycerin soap is considered a fantastic anti-ageing product.
  • By retaining water in the dermis, it is less affected by the effects of time and the external agents that can contaminate it daily.
  • If your goal is to prevent the formation of wrinkles, reduce existing ones or combat sagging, we recommend that you use the following mask containing glycerin and honey once a week.
  • To prepare this homemade facial mask, you need to mix two tablespoons of liquid glycerin with one of honey.
  • Then stir and apply it on the clean face just before going to sleep.
  • In this way, the mask will act on your skin overnight and have the desired effect. When you get up, wash your face with lukewarm water.

Home Recipe of Glycerin Soap


  • While using glycerin soap alone can hydrate and exfoliate your skin, some proponents claim that combining glycerin with other ingredients can whiten the skin.
  • However, there is no logical and scientific evidence to support these claims.
  • Using glycerin combined with other ingredients, such as lemon and rose water, can help revive dull, dry skin and soften your skin for more painless exfoliation.
  • All these ingredients work well together because glycerin provides hydration, while rose water acts as an astringent.
  • This recipe cleanses the face, tightens pores, and tones your skin.

To prepare this recipe with glycerin soap to whiten the face:

  • Firstly, mix five drops of pure glycerin with one lemon juice and 20 ml of rose water.
  • Secondly, pour the mixture into a small bottle or spray bottle.
  • Apply the liquid to your face every day, using your finger or a cotton swab.
  • Store the serum in the refrigerator.
  • Anyone who wants to use pure glycerin soap on their skin should consider using pure vegetable glycerin.

Is glycerin soap safe for use on the skin?

  • The glycerin is generally safe to use on the skin, and many people use cosmetics containing this ingredient without problems.
  • However, we do not intend most of these products for use as skin whiteners.
  • No matter how you use glycerin, there is always a risk of irritation, especially if you are allergic to it.
  • You should mostly do a patch test before using cosmetics that contain glycerin for the first time.
  • If you have any allergic reaction, you may develop hives and tenderness.
  • Even if you are not sensitive to glycerin, you may be liable to another ingredient in a skincare product.
  • If you plan to prepare the Glycerin Face Whitening Mask using the recipe above, check if you are allergic to any other ingredients.
  • An allergic reaction may cause skin irritation such as dryness, redness, or peeling.
  • Using lemon on your skin can also enhance your sensitivity to the sun, which puts you at sunburn risk.
  • Avoid using lemon for some days before any planned outdoor activity and before going out in the sun.

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