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Hair build up remedies – Benefits, Problems, Ways, and Home Remedies

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How do Hair build up remedies work?

  • Hair build up remedies is all about the benefits of scalp massage to promote nourishment and activate hair growth. And, you can get this done by a network of stylists and barbers providing home haircut in Atlanta area.
  • And also, to make your hair stronger and more vigorous (prevention against hair loss ), the various techniques in pictures, the right actions, and what must not do:
  • The problem of this immobility of the scalp: the nutrients assimilated by the muscles and rejected as we may not evacuate waste well as the blood does not drain them.
  • Also, the accumulation of waste will hamper the already slower epicranial blood circulation due to the lack of muscle activity, and arterial oxygen will be insufficient to burn them.
  • Consequence: the scalp thus intoxicated can, in an extreme case, become indurated and then compromise the growth of hair.
  • It becomes anemic and atrophied for lack of being irrigated and nourished properly.
  • The dry scalp is particularly at risk of induration.

How to recognize a healthy scalp?

  • Presents medium flexibility, which is characterized by certain mobility when pressure is exerted with the end of his fingers while moving slightly on the train’s top.
  • The scalp must follow the movement without resistance and bulges. Its color is slightly pink, a sign that its blood circulation is normal.
  • Finally, it is ideally neither greasy (oily) nor dry (rough or rough) to the touch, without dandruff.

The benefits of scalp massage

  • The scalp massage helps maintain the scalp’s flexibility and stop its induration.
  • If it is the case, by activating the blood circulation in this poorly vascularized region.
  • According to naturopath Julien Kaibeck, it is important to regularly massage your scalp to oxygenate the bulbs and give them a better grip.
  • Consequently, it promotes hair growth while toning the hair, helping it regenerate and fight against hair loss.
  • As a bonus, it airs the hair (especially if we often tie them up), relieves, unties local micro tension, and optimizes products’ penetration.
  • Recommended more especially for dry scalps, it stimulates the sebaceous glands and the production of sebum, a protective and lubricating oil for the hair.

Who benefits from hair build up: for what types of hair and hair problems?

  • We indicate hair build up is more particularly for dry indurate scalps that lack flexibility, and people who suffer from anemic, weak hair, and hair loss.
  • Good to know: the first massages cause a small loss of hair, which is normal and even healthy.
  • It is indeed hair at the end of its life and which therefore comes off naturally.
  • They can thus be replaced by new, more vigorous hair. So no worries!

The contraindications for hair build up

  • It is better to avoid self-massage of the scalp in case of oily hair.
  • There is then a risk of irritating the sebaceous glands and worsening the seborrheic overproduction.
  • Better to trust a professional in this case.
  • Sensitive or sensitized scalps, which itch or sting, we should examine it by a dermatologist beforehand before any (false) manipulation likely to worsen their situation.