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How Oral Health can Enhance the Look of Cosmetic Surgery

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Like many forms of health care, oral health has impacts on both overall wellness and one’s aesthetic appearance. Taking care of your smile can help you look and feel great as you age.

Taking care of your oral health will also enhance other procedures you choose to maintain your appearance. Here are some of the ways oral health works together with cosmetic surgery.

Maintaining Bone Density and Jaw Structure

Proper oral health encompasses the entire mouth and supporting structures, not just the visible teeth when you smile. When you neglect your oral health, your teeth will get cavities and start to decay over time. When you lose bone density with age, your teeth will start to become loose and decay. Additionally, this could alter the structure of your jaw.

Getting adequate health coverage, including dental plans, can help you seek proactive diagnostics and treatment for these issues. Your dentist will help you prevent bone density loss that alters your jaw structure, changing the shape of your face. Maintaining a strong jaw structure will support those clean lines and accentuate any cosmetic work you’ve had done.

Providing the Confidence to Smile

It doesn’t make much sense to get cosmetic surgery while neglecting your oral health. If you don’t have the confidence to smile, what’s it all for?

Having corrective work done to your teeth can help you feel more confident when you smile. Having your teeth straightened with braces, for example, can help you feel more self-assured and relaxed. Additionally, this aspect of oral health also pulls your jaw into alignment and creates natural symmetry in your face. In addition to enhancing the cosmetic work you’ve had done, it can mitigate how much you need to feel better in your skin.

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Cleaner, Whiter Teeth

Scheduling regular dental cleanings means having cleaner, whiter teeth. A dental hygenist will work to remove plaque and build-up that causes discoloration and stains. Even with teeth whitening treatments readily available, this service is a must to correct the underlying issues.

Having clean, white teeth helps bring your look together for a happier, healthier you.

Prevents Gaps and Decay

As mentioned before, having proactive dental work completed can help you get ahead of bone loss and movement in your mouth. Maintaining your oral health helps prevent gaps and decay that could derail your cosmetic efforts.

Regular cleanings and cavity treatments ensure that your teeth stay strong and healthy for years to come. Additionally, regular checkups will identify if you’re experiencing any gum recession, which could alter your appearance and affect your confidence. These issues can also cause sensitivity and headaches, which lead to frown lines.

Oral health - gaps

Protects from Post-Surgical Infections

Perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining your oral health to enhance your cosmetic surgery has nothing to do with your appearance at all. Every time you get surgery, you run the risk of infection. Poor oral health can be a silent killer when it comes to contracting infections. If you don’t take care of your oral health, your risk of post-surgical infections increases.

What does this mean for your appearance? If you contract an infection, it will take your surgical site longer to heal. Furthermore, the infection could alter your results. If further treatment is required to combat the infection, you could have more scarification and discoloration than you would otherwise.


Tips for Better Oral Health

For these reasons and many others, promoting proper health is a must. If you’re planning to go for cosmetic surgery— dental or otherwise— schedule a checkup with your dentist first. Get a proper cleaning and screen for any signs of decay. Have any issues you discover dealt with before going under the knife.

Being proactive with your oral health will help enhance the results of your cosmetic surgery while keeping you safe and healthy.

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