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Independence Day Makeup – Ideas and Beautiful Looks of Independence Day Makeup

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Independence Day Makeup: Special Ideas

  • We inspire Independence Day Makeup to look as this day is extraordinary and encouraging to every Indian, and we celebrate it by creating a tricolour makeup look.
  • Here are some fantastic ideas for Independence day makeup:

1. For Eyes

  • Then how about indulging in several tricolour shades of eye makeup for a change. Your girl gang will surely love the makeup look.
  • One of the easiest ways is merely using an orange shadow over the eyelids and a light green eye shadow beneath the lower lashes.
  • You can use an off white eye pencil to craft the sharp edges of the corners.
  • You can also use a golden highlighter to give a polish to the eye makeup.
  • And also, you can use matte shades to create a catchy eye look.
  • Merge orange and white over the eyelid and use green and orange shades to highlight the upper eye area.
  • Utilize green eyeliner to complete the look.
  • Another way to do eye makeup is to blend orange and green over the eyelid and use a thick eyeliner to highlight the eyes.
  • Concurrently you can also use a blue shadow around the lower eye area.

2. For Face base

  • Start by washing your face thoroughly before applying the makeup.
  • Apply a generous amount of moisturizer on your face to hydrate your skin.
  • The next step is to apply a foundation that matches the skin tone.
  • You can make use of a brush or a sponge to spread the foundation on your face.
  • Be careful while applying it so that no patches form.

3. For Lips

  • For your lips, go for that bright orange lip shade. Decide whether you want it matte or glossy.
  • You can also go for vibrant shades like green or blue if you feel like going bold and adventurous.
  • Just go by the rule that if you apply bright lip colour, keep your eye makeup minimal and vice versa.

4. For Nails

  • Paint your nails with the vibrant colours of our flag. You don’t have to restrict yourself to just one colour.
  • You can experiment with more than one shade on your nails.
  • Paint the nails on fingers in a saffron shade, except for the ring finger on your left hand.
  • Paint this nail in orange. After the blue paint dries completely, make white dots with a dotting tool.

Beautiful Looks for Independence day

LOOK 1 – Serene

  • The look channels peace and calm as symbolized by the white colour in the Indian National Flag and incorporates the colour blue.
  • We use a white Zara t-shirt, white paint with pretty blue patterns, a blue knapsack, and blue shoes from sketches.
  • The look is ideal for school and college students as it is casual and great.
  • Those going for outing, trekking, and picnic or indulging in sightseeing on Independence Day can also opt for this comfortable style.

LOOK 2 – Patriotic

  • This style uses all the colours on the Indian flag – white, saffron, green.
  • In this look, there are a white t-shirt, green pants, an orange flower hair accessory, a chain bag that sports all the colours of the National flag, and finally sandals with green floral detailing.
  • This look is ideal for screening the patriot in you on Independence Day.

LOOK 3 – Casual

  • The look also focuses on all the colours on the tricolour.
  • For this look, too, I use my white Zara t-shirt, the chain bag having all the National flag colours, and the sandals with green floral detailing.
  • The only new addition is a pair of green denim that I got from Zara.

LOOK 4 – Eclectic

  • The spotlight of this look is on white, green, and blue.
  • We wear white embroidered Kurti, green pants, a blue denim sleeveless jacket, and my green colour sandals.
  • This look is excellent for all who want to be a bit investigational and will draw many appreciative gazes.

LOOK 5 – Ethnic

  • Last; we approach the Indian look that uses white, blue, and orange.
  • For this, I wear a salwar kameez from Biba.
  • I also add a green bracelet to make the look more ethnic and again because it is Indian Flag colour missing from the outfit.
  • The married ladies can also add a touch of sindoor to make this look more interesting and Indian.
  • I will change my curly hairstyle to a beehive ponytail for this look and added a white flower accessory.
  • This look is great for everyone who believes in sporting a cent per cent Indian style on Independence day.

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