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Kangana Ranaut hair – Description and Kangana’s Top Six Hairstyles

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Kangana Ranaut hair: Style and Beauty

  • Kangana Ranaut hair beauty does not hold back when it comes to styling her hair and has been a massive part of her larger-than-life persona.
  • She has shown diversity not only in the choice of her movies but also in her beauty and fashion sensibility.
  • Apart from proudly flaunting her gorgeous curls, Kangana Ranaut has taken our breaths away with some unusual and stunning hairstyles.
  • It adds an unmatched raw enthusiasm to her look. Whether it is an uncanny bun or the retro updos Kangana seems to look, she owns each of her hairstyles.

Kangana Ranaut Top Six Hairstyles

Here are the most stunning hairstyles of Kangana that left a mark on our minds. Take a look!

1. The Pouffy Curls

  • Kangana does not shy away from showing off her fine-looking curls.
  • While we have seen loads of versions of the wavy ponytail, this simple hairstyle never looked so dramatic.
  • The long front bangs play a significant role in making this look a success.
  • All you need to do is with your front cracks at the side, create a pouffe, tying the rest of your hair in a ponytail, and voila, you have the ideal pouffy wavy hair.

2. The Greek Princess

  • There is perhaps a woman that isn’t excited by the pure beauty of Greek hairstyles.
  • The intricately woven braids and the mysterious curls have a charm too challenging to resist.
  • But this fantastic hairstyle isn’t easy to create. Kangana has found the ideal middle ground for all of us.
  • Weave your hair in a braid on one side and take it over to the other side, creating a braided hairband while
    curling the rest of your hair in loose waves gives you the most practical version of a Greek hairdo.

3. The Retro Curls

  • We have always loved and embrace Kangana’s retro look, especially ones with short hair.
  • We have this misconception that short hair does not have enough styling options.
  • Here you can see how adding a few curls and a retro-style wave at the front can instantly lift your look.

4. The Sleek Bun

  • This sleek bun is sassy and straightforward and perfect for greasy hair days.
  • The sleek and tight bun at the top of your head adds a ‘boss-lady’ vibe to your fabulous look.
  • To create the look, tie your hair in a super high ponytail, turn and twist it, and shroud it in a tight bun.
  • Use hair spray to tame all the baby hair and tie them.

5. The Sassy Diva

  • When in doubt, go for this smooth ponytail hairstyle. Kangana has looked impeccable on many events with this hairstyle.
  • It requires the least effort to create but catches everyone’s attention in an instant.
  • All you need to do is smooth down your hair, create a deep side parting, and tie your hair in a low ponytail.

6. The High And Mighty

  • Buns are great. They are fashionable and practical.
  • But, aren’t you uninterested in carrying the regular bun all the time?
  • Jazz up your bun with this lofty and rugged version by Kangana.
  • It is all that you require to make a never-ending impression.

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