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Lavender water uses – Description, Properties, Benefits, Uses, and More

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What is lavender floral water uses?

Its properties

  • Lavender water uses: Already known in Roman times for its washing and purifying properties, lavender (whose name is actually associated with the verb “to wash”) has many other virtues.
  • Floral water comes from this shrub from the Lamiaceae family, which is also very popular in perfumery.
  • We will distinguish between floral water, where the dried flowers are infused in mineral water, and hydrosol, resulting from the distillation of lavender sprigs to produce essential oil.

Its benefits

  • It smells of Provence, but above all, it is soothing and refreshing: lavender floral water cleanses, purifies, and softens the skin and the hair.
  • Redness, sunburn, and other skin irritations do not resist it.
  • It is also delicately healing, which allows you to erase small imperfections.
  • Regenerating and astringent, it prevents, in particular, the appearance of wrinkles.
  • If it is suitable for all skin types, the use of lavender floral water is, however, recommended for normal and oily skin.

Uses of lavender floral water for the skin

Usage tips

  • Firstly, lavender floral water is useful for the whole family’s skin to purify and tone it.
  • Mom uses it for gentle cleansing and firm the epidermis and fight against the first wrinkles, teenagers treat their acne, and for dads, lavender water has a soothing effect after shaving.
  • Secondly, lavender floral water will also help correct small imperfections.
  • Finally, it is perfect after exposure to the sun, to calm redness, and in all cases, soothe the skin if it is irritated.
  • It is used as a spray-on cleansed and dry skin.
  • It will also make it possible to moisten the face’s skin before applying day cream.
  • You can even incorporate lavender floral water into your daily cream or body milk.

Benefits of lavender floral water for hair

Usage tips

  • Firstly, lavender floral waterworks first on the scalp, which will nourish and soothe and the roots, especially if you have oily hair.
  • Secondly, it is then applied as a lotion or mixed with your shampoo.
  • And also, by massaging the scalp (on wet, towel-dried hair) calms itching.
  • To give shine to your hair, you can use lavender floral water as rinse water, combined in equal parts with rose and thyme floral waters.
  • Importantly for moms, lavender floral water (like lavender essential oil) is a very effective lice repellant.
  • Lastly, spray a little on your children’s scalp, as well as behind their ears, every morning before you leave for school.

How to choose lavender floral water?

  • Always choose 100% pure floral water, without alcohol, perfume, or preservative, resulting from organic farming (Ecocert certified).

Where to buy lavender floral water?

  • In drugstores, organic stores, and on the Internet.
  • Two homemade beauty recipes with lavender floral water

1. Lavender floral water recipe: 

  • Bring 200 ml of mineral water to a boil. Off the heat, add a handful of dried lavender sprigs.
  • Let steep for ten minutes, and filter. You can store this floral water in the refrigerator for about ten days.
  • Soothing bi-phase.

2. For an after-sun treatment:

  • Mix 50 ml of lavender floral water with 50 ml of oily macerate of St. John’s wort and 10 drops of custard (an organic preservative).
  • Apply it and let it dry.

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