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Leg Hair Removal: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

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With women spending an average of about 72 days simply shaving their legs, why shouldn’t you learn a few hair removal tips?

Hair removal is never easy, and it takes so much time and effort to keep your legs hairless. Although there are plenty of leg hair removal methods, there are always easy and efficient ways to keep those legs smooth.

So what do the pros have to say about shaving your legs? Keep reading to find out more on how to remove hair from legs!

Use a Razor for Smooth Skin 

If you want to shave undesirable hair on your legs quickly, consider using a razor. When shaving, first exfoliate your skin one to two days before you plan on shaving to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs. Then, it’s necessary to wet your legs completely to soften the hair.

Next, apply leg hair removal cream in a light, even layer. This stage will let your razor slide without a hitch and avoid cutting yourself.

Be sure to wet your razor, create light, short strokes, and then rinse after every stroke. Finally, apply some oil after shaving your legs to maintain soft skin.

Wax Your Legs the Right Way

Waxing is the most favored technique in how to remove hair from legs. It’s because it will make your skin smooth for weeks by extracting hair at the root. Expect about an average of twenty-eight days before seeing the hair start growing.

It’s a favored procedure if you plan to go on holiday without having to think about your hair. However, this process is not definitive either, as it’s not good for small short hair. Moreover, there is usually an uncomfortable course of hair regrowth within two waxings.

The benefit of this process is the four weeks period during which your legs will be hairless. Also, this approach extracts more hair at once, which is suitable for waxing larger areas like legs. However, this process is never somewhat painless, even if it is likely to get used to it in time.

If you have low pain tolerance, waxing may not be the best choice for you. Furthermore, you can’t epilate as the hair returns, and you need to wait for the hair to grow ¼ inch long to extract it. It’s also a procedure somewhat tolerant to ingrown hairs.

In waxing, ensure your skin is dry and remove all moisture; you can apply talcum powder if needed. If you remove the wax, it’s essential to do it in one swift, quick motion as close to the skin.

However, waxing during menstruation can make hair removal more painful due to hormonal changes. So shaving could be the best option in the course of these periods.

If you insist on waxing, visit LA Bikini to get a painless sugar hair removal treatment instead!

Use of the Best Leg Hair Removal Methods

Shaving is the best option for a quick and painless leg hair removal procedure. Apart from being affordable and an easy-to-master solution, it’s also available any time in the convenience of your bathroom. Waxing, on the other hand, is the best choice for those who like ultra-smooth skin daily.

Whatever method you prefer, be sure to follow our pro tips and tricks above. For more information, check out the rest of our blogs/posts.