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Nurse and More: What Opportunities Do You Have as a Nurse?

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When you are planning on becoming a nurse, there are so many branches of nursing that you could choose from, hence giving you an endless plethora of nursing job opportunities and work fields to choose from. When you are working with Advantage Medical Professionals, they offer a wide variety of nursing job opportunities for you that you choose from. They would be able to help you in your chosen nursing field as they help you with these job opportunities.

1. Critical Care Nurse

The critical care nurses are the nurses who provide care to these patients who are severely ill and injured that are in the Intensive Care Unit. They are supposed to be highly trained and skilled when it comes to safety-critical professionals as they work alongside this multidisciplinary team.

2. Occupational Health Nurse

When you are working as an occupational health nurse, then you are the person who would provide for and help deliver some health and safety programs to the workers, community groups, and the worker populations. They focus more on promoting and restoring the health of workers, preventing injury and illness, and protecting the workers from any kind of work-related hazards in the environment.

3. Informatics Nurse

If you are the kind of person who likes to combine computer and information sciences and nursing, then maybe informatics is the career path for you. They are the nurses who help maintain and develop some medical data, update the system in a way that would help support the practice of nursing, and help in improving the outcome of patient care.

4. Certified Nurse Midwife

A certified nurse midwife is a nurse who would assist with births. They would also be able to help provide gynecological services, which would help pregnant women and their partners with their routine care, peri and post-menopausal care, and reproductive health care. They would help diagnose and treat patients, and collaborate closely with physicians when needed.

5. Travel Nurse

If you are a person who likes to see the world and jump from one hospital to another, then becoming a travel nurse is something that you could put into consideration. A travel nurse is usually the nurse who would jump into all of these different roles in hospitals and healthcare facilities that are understaffed. When you are comfortable with working in environments that are very chaotic and fast-paced, then travel nursing is the one for you.

6. Family Nurse Practitioner

You are going to have a BSN degree or an MSN degree so that you could be a family nurse practitioner, and you are going to generally act as this supervisor for all of the other physicians. Your responsibility as a family nurse practitioner is to help in diagnosing different diseases, initiate the treatment plans of the patients, and prescribe medicine to them.

This is a great nursing career path when you want to have more responsibility and independence but you also do not need as many educational qualifications as a physician has.

7. Public Health Nurse

Working for an entire population is something you would do as a public health nurse. You are going to be working with communities as you educate people on all of these health issues catered to the specific community, help in improving the health and safety of the place, and then give them more and safe access to healthcare.

You are going to be monitoring the health trends, identifying any health risk factors, setting local priorities, advocating, designing, and then implementing the different health education campaigns, and educating and providing direct healthcare services to the specific communities.

8. Geriatric and Continuing Care Nurse

Another opportunity you have as a nurse is being a geriatric and continuing care nurse. These are the nurses who are focused on caring for and caring for older adults, including the mental and physical health of the elderly.

As a Geriatric and continuing care nurse, you are going to be assessing the mental and cognitive status of the patient, understand their chronic and acute health issues, discuss common health concerns, organize their medication, educate the patient and their families about the personal safety, recommend any adjustments that may be needed in the medical regime of the patient, and they would be linking the patient with any local resources.

9. Labor and Delivery Nurse

As a labor and delivery nurse, your responsibilities in the hospital are to welcome new lives into the world, care for both the mother and her baby during labor, childbirth, and after giving birth, help in inducing labor, administer epidurals, time the mother’s contractions, and educate the new mom on breastfeeding after they give birth.

10. Emergency Room Nurse

When you are able to handle all of these different high-case scenarios, then becoming an Emergency Room Nurse would be a great option for you. When you are an emergency room nurse, you need to choose to be calm among all of the chairs. As an emergency room nurse, then you are going to have to stabilize the patients who have traumatic injuries and events, and you are going to be encountering all of these other diverse conditions so you need to be aware and up on your feet.

There are plenty of nursing career choices that you could choose from, these are only a handful of specializations you could be in. When you are working with a nursing staff organization, they would be able to help you explore the different specializations that you may or may not be interested in.

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