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Oily eyelid remedy – Description, Benefits, Tips, and More

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Excellent Remedy for Oily eyelid

  • For Oily eyelid remedy, take care of your eyelids by following the steps below.
  • We clean the eyelid and contour for a clean surface with a cotton pad soaked in micellar water.
  • The one with Klorane anti-swelling blueberry is great.
  • Smooth and drain the eye area morning and evening with a drop of serum, or better yet, a specific treatment.
  • The gesture: tap with your fingertips from the inside to the outside of the ring two to three times to make it penetrate to the temples.
  • Then on the arcade. We do not put fat on the eyelid.
  • If it’s extra-dry, this makeup artist trick: a spritz of Optone moisturizing spray (in pharmacies) in a light cloud.
  • This area is deflated by leaving patches or cotton soaked in chamomile or blueberry floral water stored in the fridge.
  • Having slightly oily eyelids is a problem for many women who want to apply eye make up makeup.
  • The eyeshadow that spins through the small folds, the eyeliner that fades, the eyelids that shine, or the mascara that run.
  • These are all unpleasant problems encountered when you are not aware of these few tips for doing so Remedy.

Tips to combat oily eyelids

Here are some tips to help you:


  • There is a great temptation to brush your whole face with cream, a little coarsel.
  • However, this would be the first cause of “oily eyelids.”
  • Therefore, it is preferable to always use a specific cream for the eye area when you want to hydrate them.
  • And especially not to put it on your eyelids!
  • Note also that the eye area requires specific care, adapted to this often sensitive area’s fragile skin.


  • Cream eye shadows, on contact with sebum, slip through the creases of your eyelids.
  • Indeed, oily eyelids tend to be even more so with this type of makeup in a cream formula.
  • So prefer powder eye shadows.


  • Eyelids, amazing as it sounds, do not produce sebum. It, therefore, comes from elsewhere.
  • From your forehead/eyebrow/scalp, in this case.
  • Yes Yes! Therefore, First, wash your hair and face correctly with suitable products and not let the sebum settle.
  • Then make setting powder your best friend!
  • Do not hesitate to make up lightly during the day and to use a mattifying powder on your forehead and your eyelids when it seems necessary to you.
  • Immediately after applying makeup to your eyes, place a veil of translucent powder on your eyelids to hold your eye shadows as much as possible.
  • It will be difficult for the sebum to pass through this second layer of powder.


  • The primer is THE base of all makeup, never to be neglected when a long day awaits you.
  • Despite its sometimes a little high price, it changes makeup: it brings out the eye shadows’ color, prolongs their hold, keeps your eyelids matt, and makes the eye shadows adhere more easily.
  • Also, you really need very little to “prime” your two eyes.
  • So an eyelid base tube may be a small investment, but it will become your best friend for a long, long time!

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