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What are Oily Eyelids? – Ways to Mitigate and Tips to Control Oily Eyelids

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What do you mean by Oily Eyelids?

  • Oily Eyelids are the eyelids with a greater tendency to fat production are due to an increase in the proportion of sebaceous glands in the skin of that area.
  • Usually, this occurs in people with oily or combination skin who already have shine and excess oil problems on the rest of the face.
  • Girls who have oily lids know how difficult it can be to choose eye makeup that lasts all day.
  • However, some products and techniques can help you combat this problem and improve your beauty routine.

What is the best way to mitigate this problem?

  • It is undoubtedly using astringent products as an eye contour but not in excess since we obliterate fat from the eyelid.
  • It could suffer irritations.
  • And also, the application of powder makeup can help prevent it from running through excess fat.
  • We compile the best products with this information to end the extra fat on the eyelids and make them look beautiful.
  • Choose products with a matte effect that keeps the eyelids and skin surface oil-free.
  • Even before applying makeup, try to use special face creams for oily eyelids with a mattifying effect.

What are the Tips to Control Oily Eyelids?

Tips to control oily eyelids and make your makeup last longer

1. Use the right products

  • It might seem obvious, but using long-lasting products is essential for oily skin or eyelids.
  • Another tip is to choose products with a matte effect that keeps the skin’s surface oil-free.
  • Even before applying makeup, try to use special face creams for oily skin or a mattifying effect.

2. Primer for oily eyelids and skin

  • The first step to a makeup that lasts all day is to use a primer for oily skin or with a matte effect.
  • You can use it all over your face if your skin is oily, or only in the areas that need it, such as eyelids and T zone.

3. Prepare your eyelid

  • Apply a minimal amount of foundation on your face and also on your eyelids.
  • Then, with a sponge with translucent powder, seal the base to prevent the makeup from running.
  • The powder absorbs the oils and keeps the foundation in place.

4. Shades

  • The most awaited moment has arrived to begin to colour our eyelids.
  • For this, we will avoid any cream, satin, or glitter shadow since they would further accentuate the problem of oily eyelids.
  • Our recommendation is compact powder shadows with a matte finish, as they will create a denser and more consistent texture.
  • It would help if you looked for long-lasting or water-resistant formulas since these are also great allies against sweat or excess fat.

5. Mascara

  • It will be enough for you to choose the effect that you like the most and satisfy your needs and look for a waterproof version.
  • To keep the product firm on your lashes intact for endless hours.

6. Eyeliner

  • As a final touch and looking to intensify the look a little more, you can apply a long-lasting or water-resistant eyeliner or pencil.
  • Then set it with a shadow of the same tone. This way, you will get an infinite and perfectly defined look.

7. Use absorbent paper

  • The absorbent paper is the best ally for girls with oily skin.
  • You can use it to absorb all the oil from your eyelids before you start doing your makeup to ensure that the oils do not ruin your look.
  • Gently press the paper onto your eyelid.

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