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COVID-19 Pandemic Makeup Do’s and Don’ts You Must Know with 3CE

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COVID-19 Pandemic Makeup: Learning how to perfect every makeup application is not an easy task. We were all beginners at some point, making the same mistakes over and over again, even if you studied in a prestigious beauty academy. However, we only want one thing when we put makeup on, and that is perfection.

During this pandemic, many women took a break from using makeup because of social isolation. Now that the world is slowly recovering, our old lifestyle is just around the corner, and that means makeup will be an essential part of our daily lives again. We will help you up your makeup game by giving you the makeup do’s and don’ts amidst the pandemic. Check them out!


1. Skincare before makeup. 

Having an excellent skincare routine to back your makeup has become the standard to achieve a flawless look. Smothering your face with concealer to hide many imperfections will not make you look any better, so it is vital to establish a skincare routine that actually works for your skin. Also, you will look much better if your skin is healthy inside out.

2. Go for lighter, gentler beauty products.

When it comes to makeup, the saying “less is more” is somehow objective. However, you might need to go for lightweight beauty products to prevent your skin from having breakouts. Korean makeup will be an excellent start if you are not familiar with any light and natural makeup. Just purchase from trusted brands like 3CE.

If you compare western beauty techniques to how Koreans do their makeup, you might get shocked at how much gunk they are putting on their faces. Korean women like to do their makeup simple but beautiful, as they value their true beauty. Also, most of their makeup products contain nourishing ingredients.

3. Focus on your eyes.

Your eye area is a vital part that will make your overall look during the pandemic. Especially when your work requires you to wear a face mask, it is the only visible part of your face which people can see. Therefore, you should invest in quality eyeshadows like 3CE Mood Recipe Multi Eye Color Palette to complete your daily pandemic look.


1. Use comedogenic products.

Comedogenic products are those that contain ingredients that can clog pores. This kind of product can encourage dirt and oil buildup, making your skin develop more acne. Especially during this time when we need to wear personal protective equipment like face masks, sweat and friction can worsen it. Even the most famous beauty brands use comedogenic ingredients, so you need to be wary and always check the ingredient list.

2. Use too much lip products when wearing a mask.

Lipsticks and lip tints will only smudge while wearing masks, so you can avoid it for now, especially when you do not need to take off your face mask. However, you do not need to go bare because you have some options to secure a well-tinted lip throughout the pandemic. Tinted lip balms are one of your best options this time, as they can prevent your lips from drying.

Look for tinted balms with a high color payoff like 3CE Bebe Color Lip Balm to achieve naturally vibrant lips. In addition, it contains botanical oils to moisturize the skin without leaving a sticky feeling effectively. The shades available are also highly buildable and easy to blend even for beginners, making them perfect for everyday use.

3. Apply makeup on a dirty, greasy face.

Pandemic or not, this is a golden rule that you should follow. When you do this, you are putting your skin at risk for acne development, and your look will not be as great as you would expect. It is basic hygiene to clean your face before applying any makeup to prevent your pores from clogging. It would be nice to have makeup remover wipes anywhere you go.

Final thoughts

Makeup is an art that you can learn through months and years of practice. Perfecting it can be challenging, but starting with the do’s and don’ts can help you improve your makeup application in no time. Especially during this pandemic, we need to adjust to the situation because the situation will not change for our makeup routines. So take this time to improve and master your makeup skills swiftly.

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