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Best Physical Therapist for Bothersome Shoulder Pain in Louisville, KY

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Shoulder pain is a common ailment that can cause significant distress and issues in your daily life. It affects about 18 to 26% of people. Shoulder pain can prevent people from carrying out simple tasks at work or home and cause issues with social activities.

You should know what may have caused the injury to get the proper help. The function of the shoulder is complex and includes many parts. Thus, knowing if your injury is from overuse or a sudden injury can help with your shoulder pain treatment.

Typical Causes of Shoulder Pain

Acute or sudden injuries are those typically caused by accidents such as a fall or an impact from a sports event. An injury can occur from simply lifting something too heavy or twisting your shoulder. These injuries can result in fractures, dislocations, ligamentous sprains, or bruising and swelling.

Repetitive motions due to continuous strain on the shoulder joint and tissues cause overuse injuries. Typically, more than one of these problems will occur at the same time. Overuse injuries include injuries like the below.

  • Tendonosis – Structural changes to the tendons can lead to pain and dysfunction from thickening of the area.
  • Tendonitis – The inflammation of the tendons around the shoulder joint can result in a partial or complete tear of the tendon when left untreated.
  • Impingement Syndrome – As tendons and the muscles in the rotator cuff compress or rub against the shoulder blade, they become inflamed. Pain will result and become gradually worse with time without treatment.
  • Frozen Shoulder – The shoulder capsule becomes inflamed and stiff resulting in adhesive capsulitis.

Lookout for Signs That You Need a PT

If you have injured yourself, or you have pain, and you are not sure why, it may be time to seek help. If your injury is not healing in a reasonable time, you may need a physical therapist. Your pain should not be long-term. Consistent daily headaches are an indication that something is going on that needs help. A physical therapist will evaluate your symptoms to try to determine why you have these headaches. A treatment plan will then be developed to help with your issue.

Joint pain from arthritis or another chronic condition can result in persistent pain that is almost constant. The same goes for perpetual back pain. If you have these issues, Louisville physical therapy may help relieve some of your pain.

Finding the Right PT for Your Shoulders Needs

Check reviews first. This may help you eliminate a few physical therapists right off the bat. Next, check out the website testimonials from customers. Call the office and see if the staff asks questions about your pain and listens to your issues. Before you call the office, make sure you understand your pain so you can explain it well. Ensure you find a qualified therapist to treat your issue.

When you have persistent pain that is not healing, it may be time for a physical therapist. Find a physical therapist near me to get some relief. Get back to your daily activities and move without pain.

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