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Storing makeup in the bathroom – Tips, Storage Ideas, and More

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  • When storing makeup in the bathroom, you have to be careful and keep in mind that lousy makeup can damage your skin.
  • Prevention is, therefore, better than cure. So please take note of our advice to keep your makeup as long as possible.
  • It is necessary to devote space to them so that they do not scatter.
  • What furniture to choose, for what surface, and what brightness to adopt.

Tips for Storing makeup in the bathroom

Tips to remember for a successful storage system in the bathroom according to products:

1. Makeup for the complexion

  • The first step for storing makeup in the bathroom in terms of a beauty routine is to illuminate the face.
  • Between day cream, concealer, and foundation, the products used are varied. Well-thought-out storage saves considerable time.

2. Eye makeup

  • To wear it on the eyes and enhance the look like mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow are essential, you can get these products on Luvo Store.
  • To this end, it is a matter of classifying these products in the same place, preferably below the complexion’s makeup.

3. Lip makeup

  • It is essential to place gloss and lipstick within easy reach to display a greedy and sensual mouth.
  • To save time, putting them in a small dedicated box is a great alternative.
  • This trick makes it easy to find the right shade for each outfit without having to rummage in the drawer.
  • For efficient storage, it is better to choose a functional and aesthetic piece of furniture.
  • The storage trays are fascinating.
  • Their removable compartments, as well as their boxes, allow an adapted arrangement according to the desires.
  • Thanks to the sponges and brushes, we protect from dust and humidity.

How to properly arrange your makeup

  • Forget about questionable tips that are not always on how to keep your makeup longer.
  • It is better to follow the storage recommendations, know the expiration dates, and, above all, apply makeup in the right hygienic conditions.
  • First, you need to keep in mind that the cosmetics and makeup also have an expiration date.
  • So when you buy them, could you take into account their expiration date?
  • Indeed, the problem is not only that the pigments and the quality of the makeup decrease over time, but too old makeup can significantly lead to issues such as rashes, itching, or conjunctivitis.
  • For example, in moist products such as mascara, bacteria find an ideal environment to increase.
  • That is why it is safer to exclude the use of expired makeup. And this, even if we think it does not matter.

Fantastic Makeup Storage Ideas

1. Makeup storage: drawer units in the spotlight

  • What could be better than a drawer with compartments to optimize the storage of makeup products in a bathroom?
    It is a question of using the same principle as in a china cabinet.
  • Thus, each product will be classified by type as well as by use: regular or occasional.
  • What a joy to have a makeup space just for you and in line with your desires!
  • Despite the lack of space and a limited budget, it is possible to make this dream come true:

2. A minimalist dressing table

  • For a functional and designer makeup space, the minimalist dressing table is all you need.
  • Thanks to its discreet and practical drawers, it is perfect for collecting assortments of beauty products.
  • With an XXL mirror, the practicality of this chic furniture is even more appreciable.

3. A washbasin cabinet that turns into a makeup area

  • Small rooms can set up a practical and designer makeup corner by opting for a washbasin cabinet.
  • Arranged under the sink, it combines discretion and functionality to become the daily beauty corner.

4. Keep makeup in the right place

  • Usually, we leave our makeup where we left it the last time we use it. That is to say, generally in the bathroom.
  • Also, we expect that we put it in our purse to have it available all day.
  • However, if you read your makeup label carefully, you will notice that it is advisable to store it in a cool, dry place.
  • The bathroom is, therefore, one of the least suitable places to store it!
  • It is much better to store makeup elsewhere.
  • To ruining our bag and things we have in it, they deteriorate on their own.
  • For this reason, it’s best to keep makeup in a makeup bag and separate it from the rest of the stuff.
  • For the life of your makeup to be optimal, hygiene is essential when using it.

Specific Rules

Indeed, if you do not respect specific rules, your makeup may fill up with bacteria and thus deteriorate. For this reason :

  1. Never share your makeup. If you do, use an individual applicator (cotton swab, personal brush, etc.)
  2. Use applicators (brushes, brushes, etc.) when possible. Also, these applicators must be renewed and washed periodically.
  3. Avoid using your fingers. If you do, wash your hands first.
  4. Do not change the original packaging.
  5. Usually, the manufacturers use a type of container perfectly compatible with the chemicals in this makeup.
  6. It is the best option for keeping makeup in pristine condition.

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