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Top 9 Tips to Create Amazing Makeup Tutorials

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Whether you’re creating the perfect brow tutorial or creating a monster look for an SFX makeup tutorial, you definitely want to make the most of your video content. If you’re looking to create stunning makeup tutorials, then you can learn more with an online video editor.

You may be a self-taught makeup artist, so film-making skills aren’t exactly your forte. Luckily, with an online video editor, we don’t all have to have a college degree in film to create amazing makeup tutorial videos anymore.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the top 10 tips to create a stellar makeup tutorial to wow your viewers no matter what your technique may be.

Are you ready to make a truly amazing transformation with your makeup tutorials? Well, let’s get this show on the road then.

How Do You Create a Makeup Tutorial Video?

It has become a popular trend to learn and teach makeup techniques via tutorials. Videos usually have the most impact, as viewers can see exactly how they are carried out.

It can take a lot of and effort to create makeup tutorials. But once you have mastered your equipment, you will be able to record amazing videos. The rewards will be worth it when you see your final product and how it benefits others.

Create a makeup

The Top 9 Ultimate Tips for Creating Makeup Tutorials

When you’re a makeup vlogger and you are constantly sucked in by shadows, you know how frustrating it can be to create a flawless look. But have no fear, future beauty YouTubers. Our top 9 tips below are the tutorial video makeover you’ve been searching for.

#1- Set up your studio

The studio space can be a corner of a room or an entire room. In this case, a smaller one is better. It will improve sound quality if you don’t use a microphone.

In situations where there is heavy furniture or clutter in the background, set up a backdrop. This will give your tutorial a more professional appearance. You can also consider using a glittery or sparkly background for the holiday season and pastels for summer. Let your imagination run wild.

setup your studio

#2- Use ring lighting

It is essential to have enough lighting. If you’re making a detailed video, such as applying makeup, a dark video is useless. So among makeup artists and vloggers, a ring light is a popular tool. It disperses light from multiple angles rather than just one direction. So when it is turned on, the light shines in a ring shape on your face, taking care of any shadows that could have been created with regular room lighting. With this, you can clearly see your complexion and colors.

ring lighting

#3- Beauty lighting secrets: using LED and reflectors

In case you don’t already have a lighting setup that people can see from the street, consider buying some LED lights. YouTube beauty influencers cannot mess around when they have 25 ranges of foundation at their disposal.

Your colors will pop with LED lights, but make sure you don’t forget about reflectors too. By using mirrors, the light will be dispersed evenly throughout the room so you won’t feel exposed to hot spots or feel overwhelmed by brightness.

beauty lighting

#4- Capture all of your beauty with optimal lighting

Lighting should be set up so that it should not just capture your face, but the entire picture. If you form a triangle with your lights, make sure you are in the middle, and you can easily replicate three-point lighting. When the light hits all your best features, you’ll notice an immediate contrast, and generally, you’ll have a more delicate appearance during filming.

#5- Use a smartphone with a high-quality camera and a phone stand

The modern smartphone has become an extremely capable video camera and editing machine. This means that you can shoot, edit, and publish your own content with just the phone in your pocket. Also, invest in a phone stand to ensure your footage is stable.

use a smartphone

#6- Use external mic and speak louder

As a general rule, your voice should be as loud as your makeup.

While there are some cameras with mics, it is best to upgrade to make sure your audio is of high quality. It is also highly recommended that you use audio amplification software or attach a microphone to the light in front of you to amplify your voice.

#7- Remember your audience:

You can’t just put makeup on your face, style your hair and end the video. As a beauty vlogger, you’re an entertainer, so open dialogue is essential when filming.

Ask your audience what they want to see, and more importantly always remember to ask for feedback. Not everyone is going to agree with how you used that nightshade when you should’ve used a jet black.

#8- Know your products and prepare your makeup arsenal

makeup arsenal

Ensure that your makeup is ready and your makeup brushes are clean before you record. Using dirty brushes will not benefit you as they can cause infections and subsequently contaminate your colors. You should arrange the makeup you intend to use near where you will be shooting.

It’s important to remember your chosen arsenal- the makeup brands you select for your tutorial should be worth mentioning. This is especially true if you want your viewers to know just what products you use to create a flawless look.

#9- Make use of an online video editor

video editor

You will need to track down an online video editor of your choice. In some cases, video editing tools may even be more vital than the camera itself when creating a tutorial.

Occasionally, while filming, you may want to edit out awkward moments. You may also wish to add effects or interesting transitions. Don’t worry if you’re on a budget. Now there are many programs that are free or available at a reasonable price. So you can easily find an aesthetically pleasing online video editor that meets your needs.

Are You the Next Up-and-Coming Beauty YouTuber?

As an influencer and the next best beauty guru on YouTube, you must remember some effective ways to grow your following:

  1. Create videos that revolve around one keyword or topic
  2. Existing content can be rewritten in a quality manner
  3. Connect with your audience
  4. Put your brand on the map
  5. Turn up frequently
  6. Post awesome thumbnails
  7. Make YouTube cards work for you

beauty youtuber

Final Thoughts

Getting started on this journey of becoming a beauty YouTuber will be easier if you follow these tips and insider tricks. Remember, you don’t need a college degree in film to create the best makeup tutorial. All you need is the right online video editor, lighting equipment, and smartphones. Keep audience members in the loop when the next video is uploaded. We’ll be waiting.

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