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Valentine’s Day makeup look 2020 – Essentials, Inspirations, and Makeup look 2020

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The Valentine’s Day: Makeup look 2020

  • Valentine’s Day makeup look 2020 can be simple and effective, using essential makeup that generally ensures flawless and beautiful skin.
  • Although February 14 is not the only time of the year when we can do something special with your other half, it is always nice to mark the occasion on your own.
  • The Lucette team has put itself in “full love” condition to easily find you the best makeup trends and ideas to achieve this Valentine’s Day makeup look 2020.
  • For your Valentine’s Day evening, you can also go straight to the point by focusing on beautiful, simple, and practically flawless skin.

Valentine’s Day makeup look 2020 Inspirations

  • Whether you are alone or accompanied, this is no reason not to have fun with this Valentine’s Day theme and test new things in terms of beauty.
  • You will find a selection of 10 Valentine’s Day 2020 makeup inspirations that may suit everyone’s needs and desires:
  1. Classic red mouth
  2. Intense black eyeliner line
  3. Smoked liner
  4. Glowy natural complexion
  5. Makeup in pink tones
  6. Red-eyed
  7. Traditional smoky eye bronze
  8. Super kiss raspberry mouth
  9. Coloured eyelashes
  10. Gloss in the eyes

An Iconic Valentine Day Look

  • Let’s start with the mythical lipstick—the vibrant red.
  • It’s a timeless glamour for those who want to be more sensual on Valentine’s Day.
  • Indeed, red enhances the complexion and can very quickly give a sophisticated side to makeup.
  • Be careful, though, when applying because it is a reasonably technical colour to use.
  • It is essential not to exceed (at the risk of having a particularly unsightly rendering).
  • It is preferable to ensure that the result is relatively uniform for a beautiful flamboyant mouth.
  • For this first makeup inspiration for Valentine’s Day, we wanted to offer you relatively natural makeup on the eyes to counterbalance the dramatic effect of the lips.

The Essentials to Achieve it

To achieve such makeup, the Lucette team recommends the following products:

1. Bright red liquid lipstick

  • Bright red liquid lipstick is perfect for beginners and beginners alike. Indeed, its tip makes it easy to match the shape of the lips.
  • It is preferable to use a lip liner of the same shade to prevent the product from spinning in the folds, but also to improve the hold throughout the evening.

2. Palette of neutral colours

  • The palette of neutral colours is perfect for intensifying your look without being overbearing.
  • You can easily play with the colours by slightly accentuating the eyelid curve with the darkest shades.
  • Therefore, this mixture of matte and iridescent eyeshadows allows you to illuminate, blend, darken as you see fit, all with a single palette.

3. Eye Liner and Eyelash Fringe

  • Also, it marks the look and reinforces the effect of a thicker eyelash fringe.
  • The eyeliner line’s comma gives a sensual look to the eyes in a flash by lengthening the eye!
  • If you achieve a clean, successful line, you don’t need to overdo it on the rest of the face.
  • However, do not hesitate to apply mascara to coat the lashes, give them volume, and blend everything for a doe eye effect.