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Vanilla essential oil for hair – Properties, Methods, Uses, and More

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Vanilla essential oil for hair

  • Vanilla essential oil for hair corresponds to the Vanilla absolute obtained after distillation of the oleoresin.
  • Firstly, the latter is obtained by direct extraction with ethanol from the dried pods; it will have a dense texture making it possible to differentiate it from the essential oil.
  • And also, many properties of Vanilla fight against depression, stress, decreased libido, or insomnia.
  • Secondly, vanilla essential oil for hair is also known to facilitate digestion and fight against bloating.
  • Lastly, we use it in cosmetics; Vanilla regenerates the skin and hydrates the epidermis and the hair.

Properties of Vanilla essential oil

We explain vanilla essential oil’s properties by presenting active compounds initially present in the pods of Vanilla planifolia or Vanilla fragrance.

1. Regenerating and softening the skin

For health:

  • The Vanilla essential oil can hydrate, soften, and regenerate dry or flaky skin due to its vanillin composition.


  • The relaxing and analgesic virtues of vanilla essential oil are to keep its main component as vanillin, an aromatic aldehyde, at the origin of Vanilla’s characteristic odour.

Other properties:

  • Aperitif
  • Antiseptic

2. For the well-being

Nerve balancing:

  • The aldehydes that contain Vanilla’s essential oil are neuro tonic; that is to say, they restore the nervous system’s tone without exciting it.


  • The aromatic compounds in vanilla oil, responsible for its odour, would act on the hypothalamus.
  • And also, it produces a general stimulating, neurotoxic, and slightly aphrodisiac effect.

Other properties:

  • Firstly, it is relaxing.
  • Secondly, indications of vanilla essential oil.
  • And also, thanks to the many properties described above, vanilla oil has multiple symptoms.

For health:

  • Skin problems
  • Its regenerating and softening virtues make it a useful oil to fight against damaged, dry or sluggish skin, prevent wrinkles and stretch marks.

3. To stimulate appetite

  • Its aperitif virtues encourage its use to whet the appetite of small stomachs.
  • And also, to stimulate the immune system.
  • Thanks to its antiseptic properties, we can use it for distribution in sick people’s rooms or drive away bad smells (cooking, cigarettes, etc.).

For the well-being:

  • Anguish and anxiety
  • Asthenia (and intellectual fatigue), lack of enthusiasm, convalescence, exhaustion
  • Self-confidence (lack)
  • Creativity
  • Latent or temporary depression
  • Impotence or sexual failure
  • Irritability
  • Sleep (disturbances)
  • Stress
  • Overwork
  • Sadness, melancholy

Uses of Vanilla essential oil

  • We can use Vanilla essential oil in many different ways.
  • In case of doubt, I recommend contacting a professional to collect personalize and secure information, adapt to your medical situation, profile, and age.

1. Skin application, massage

  • Damaged, dry, sluggish skin: dilute in vegetable oil and apply to the affected area.
  • Firstly, wrinkles (in prevention): dilute in vegetable oil or cream and apply to the affected part.
  • And also, stretch marks (in prevention): dilute vegetable oil or cream and apply to the areas at risk.
  • Secondly, impotence or sexual failure: dilute in vegetable oil or cream and massage the lower back.
  • And also, for all indications of well-being: dilute in vegetable oil or cream and massage the solar plexus or the back.

2. Oral route

  • Internally, I recommend a prior consultation with a therapist.
  • However, Vanilla can be used in cooking, respecting the dosage (1 to 2 drops maximum integrated at the end of cooking).

3. Inhalation

To stimulate desire or appetite, and to benefit from the indications on well-being, it is possible to use the essential oil of Vanilla by:

  • Wet inhalation: dilute a few drops of essential oil in a container of hot water, then inhale the vapours;
  • Dry inhalation: Firstly, apply a few drops of essential oil on a handkerchief, a roller, or the inside of the wrists, then breathe from time to time.

4. Diffusion

  • Firstly, vanilla oil is perfectly compatible with diffusion.
  • And also, to take advantage of its many effects on well-being, drive away nasty smells, and stimulate sexual desire, choose one of the following diffusion modes:
  • Diffusion by nebulization. These diffusers, which propel the essential oil through a pump, are the most efficient, but their price is high, and they can be more or less noisy.
  • Ultrasonic diffusion (misting). Less powerful, these diffusers remain effective to benefit from the effects of essential oil in closed rooms.
  • Diffusion by gentle heat. Pour a small number of drops of essential oil into the little receptacle of these diffusers.
  • And also, under the effect of heat, the volatile aromatic particles will mix with the atmosphere.
  • Ideally, use it in a small closed room.

Choosing a good vanilla essential oil

  • Firstly, it is necessary to have an optimal biochemical composition, to choose an excellent essential oil of Vanilla.
  • Secondly, the critical and organoleptic characteristics, as well as some notions on its geographical exploitation, will work.
  • Common name: Vanilla, Bourbon Vanilla
  • Latin characters: Vanilla planifolia, vanilla fragrance
  • Botanical family: Orchidaceae
  • Part used (alcohol extraction): Pod
  • Origin: Reunion Island, Madagascar

Biochemical composition

  1. Firstly, the biochemical composition is liable to change depending on the production conditions and the quality of the oil.
  2. However, we can rely on this composition to assess the quality of an oil:
  3. Main chemical compound: Vanillin (90%)
  4. Other chemical compounds: Traces of Acids, esters, lactones, phenols

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