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Whiteheads vs Blackheads: What Are the Differences?

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Whiteheads vs Blackheads: Acne frequently makes a person feel incredibly ugly, making it difficult for them to even look people in the eye. Whiteheads and blackheads are also skin problems that can make one feel shy and conscious.

Although they’re closely related, recognizing the differences between whiteheads and blackheads can make all the difference to your skin. Parsing out the subtle differences between them and knowing how to handle them can make a real improvement.

Check out our in-depth guide to whiteheads vs blackheads and learn their differences in this guide.

Whiteheads vs Blackheads: How it Develops

What is a whitehead? It is a type of acne that forms when dead skin cells and oil block a pore. Whiteheads are also called closed comedones.

A blackhead is a type of acne that forms when a pore is open and dead skin cells, and oil collects in it. Blackheads are also called open comedones.

Both whiteheads and blackheads are types of comedones. Read more here, so you will better understand how they develop.

Their Difference in Appearance

Whiteheads are clogged with a combination of sebum and dead skin cells and have a white or light-colored appearance. On the other hand, blackheads are clogged with only sebum and have a black or dark-colored appearance.

The difference in appearance is due to the different oxidation states of the sebum.

How to Remove Whiteheads?

It can be tempting to squeeze and pinch the skin to remove whiteheads, but you should not do this as this is not a whitehead cure. When you try to pop them without the right tools and proper techniques, it may cause more bacteria to get inside the pores.

Some of the ways that you can remove whiteheads include using a pore clarifying cleanser. Using a product that has salicylic acid can help exfoliate the skin and reduce the amount of oil on the face.

When you have oily skin or sweat too much during the day, you have to ensure that you clean your skin properly. And before you sleep at night, you must remove your makeup to prevent bacteria on your face.

A gentle scrub to exfoliate the skin is another thing you can add to your routine. This is effective in removing dead skin cells which clog the pores.

Solutions to Getting Rid of Blackheads

When it comes to blackhead removal, this is a little different from whitehead removal. You may use cleansers and exfoliators with blackheads, but there is a blackhead guide you can follow.

What you can do is use a pore strip to remove your blackheads. Also, when you have oily skin, and you are getting blackheads because of it, you can also use a facial mask with charcoal to absorb the excess oil that causes blackheads.

Lastly, you must ensure that you only use non-comedogenic makeup or one that doesn’t clog the pores. This kind of makeup will prevent blackheads from forming.

Treat and Prevent These Skin Problems Effectively

Though they may look similar, whiteheads and blackheads are two different types of skin blemishes. Whiteheads are closed pores filled with oil and bacteria, while blackheads are open pores that are oxidized and darkened.

Treatment for whiteheads vs blackheads varies, so it’s important to be able to distinguish between the two. If you’re unsure, consult a dermatologist to get the best course of treatment for your blemishes.

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