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Winged Eyeliner Fail – Fall Short Tricks and Ways to get Winged Eyeliner right

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Winged Eyeliner Fail: Tricks that won’t work

  • The Winged Eyeliner Fail, she was so careful of getting the eyeliner right where it was supposed to be and then, oops, crooked line.
  • “Oh my gosh,” she says, and then she lets out an entertaining sigh.
  • She tries to fix it by applying concealer and then gives up. “I’m not feeling this.”
  • Makeup experts have shown us a simple way to do a wingtip by using tape to keep the lines straight.
  • The problem with them is that they put so much black liquid makeup on her lashes that the fluid seeped through to her eyeball!!
  • You can see her terror in her eye (the other is gone), but don’t freak; she didn’t lose an eyeball.
  • We try multiple times to do the winged tip, and he can’t get it right because the information is too thick.
  • We try so many times that one side of his face is red because he keeps scrubbing it off.
  • She admits that she’s not excellent at doing a winged tip.


  • She tries the good dental floss hack and fails.
  • She does it fine enough on one eyelid, but the other one is a hot mess.
  • We almost had the perfect winged tip, and at first glance, you think she got it too.
  • Being a woman, it looks great, but then she closes her eye, and then bam! Total fail.
  • The noted makeup artist said she could not do winged-tip eyeliner on herself at all because she has down-turned eyes and skin on her eyelid.
  • We think she is exaggerating, but nope, her eyes look for winged-tip eyeliner.
  • You are going back to the washroom, using a face wash, taking off the entire makeup.
  • If not that, you are using some petroleum jelly, lotion, or concealer to hide the mess you have created.
  • Winged eyeliner is challenging because of the upward angle that you need to create on one end.
  • If you can use a freehand, you need to draw out the shape on your eyelids and then fill it up.

How to apply your eyeliner?

  • Eyeliner is an integral part of beautiful makeup. Our makeup artist will help you draw the perfect line in just a few steps.
  • For a tip-top look, you need an intense black liquid eyeliner.
  • Plus, it’s waterproof and won’t run, so you’re guaranteed a neat look from morning to night.
  • Always start by drawing the line starting from the inner corner of the eye and continuing outward.
  • Follow the natural line of your eyelid as much as possible. For the day, try to draw as thin a line as possible.
  • Hold the applicator very close to the lash line.
  • Find the endpoint and direction of your line using a small makeup brush.
  • Draw the line and make sure that it becomes thinner on the end so as not to end with a rounded point.
  • You can erase the overflows with a cotton swab until you get the perfect line.
  • A quick and easy way to glance!

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