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3 Good Reasons Antimicrobial Hand Protectors Are Essential

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Health experts say that washing your hands with soap and water is the best defense against pathogenic organisms like bacteria and viruses. Using alcohol-based hand sanitizers with 60% concentration or more is a good secondary defense, especially when soap and water aren’t immediately available. Both practices should be done regularly to uphold proper hand hygiene, but for extra hand protection, it also helps for you to put a layer in between your hands and potentially contaminated objects or surfaces. For that reason, in the interest of keeping your hands clean and free from harmful microorganisms, you should consider getting your very own antimicrobial hand protector.

A hand protector from a quality brand will afford you greater peace of mind when you’re on your daily commute, buying essential goods from public places, or traveling somewhere to check up on your family. This garment can be worn on your wrist and stretched down to cover your fingertips. You can easily pull it back up when you’re no longer using it and when it’s time to properly wash your hands.

This garment offers three key advantages in boosting the protection that you get from proper hand hygiene and helping you improve your overall health and wellbeing. Here are the three best reasons to purchase an antimicrobial hand protector of your own.

It’s Made with Treated Textile Technology That Prevents Bacteria and Viruses from Thriving

Though you may not have heard so much about antimicrobial fabrics until now, similar textile treatment has actually been in use for hundreds of years. Primitive versions of antimicrobial technology were used to preserve the quality of textiles and keep them wearable for longer. That same logic is applicable to antimicrobial hand protectors—they’re highly reusable and therefore eco-friendly, and their textiles are treated to hold up against contamination from harmful microorganisms. However, modern textile treatments are for more advanced, with some even using nanoparticle technology to be able to work on a microscopic scale.

An antimicrobial hand protector is manufactured with the same treated textile technology as hospital bedsheets, pillows, garments, and dressings. Put simply, it’s made of cloth that makes it difficult for bacteria and viruses to thrive. If a person’s clothes don’t serve as an ideal living environment for microorganisms, there’s less of a chance that the wearer will get infected with a disease by touching contaminated clothing. And that, of course, is one less source of worry about getting a dreaded disease like COVID-19.

It’s a Discreet and Eco-Friendly Protective Layer

Antimicrobial hand protectors also serve as great everyday protective garments and appealing alternatives to single-use latex gloves. All you’ll need to do to get extra protection from potentially contaminated surfaces is to stretch the fabric down to your fingertips. The hand protector will serve as a barrier to harmful microorganisms found on rails, doorknobs, shopping carts, ATM keypads, and other surfaces that oversee regular human contact.

Though it fulfills the same purpose as a pair of latex gloves might, a hand protector is both more sustainable and more appealing to wear in everyday situations than gloves. For one, hand protectors can be safely laundered and used again without their antimicrobial properties degrading for many washes. Using them decreases one’s contributions to the waste stream, which is already suffering an influx of single-use gloves and masks. For another, they will draw much less attention in public than latex gloves would, as the latter are typically seen in hospital environments. They look just like regular arm sleeves! If you wear a hand protector at the supermarket, on a trip to the ATM, or while on the subway, you won’t get uncomfortable stares from others, and that’ll give you some added peace of mind about keeping yourself safe from disease.

It’s Convenient and Can Be Used for a Long Period of Time

The last reason to have an antimicrobial hand protector for everyday use is that it’s very convenient, even for a busy lifestyle on the go. If you don’t have easy access to soap and running water, or it’s difficult to grab your hand sanitizer from your bag, you can rely on your hand protector to keep your hands clean in the meantime. If it’s not being used, it can hang just as comfortably around your wrist as a bracelet or wristwatch.

If you’ve bought a hand protector treated with antimicrobial textile technology, you can also depend on it to last. The treatment tends to last for dozens of washes, and even after the treatment has washed off you can still use the garment itself. There won’t be a need to keep buying any other type of hand protection, like disposable latex or rubber gloves.

Following established hand hygiene practices, like washing your hands and sanitizing them with an alcohol-based solution, will reduce your risk of contracting an illness from a contaminated surface. But for the times when it’s not easy to get immediate access to soap and water, it’s better to have an extra shield for your hands in the form of an antimicrobial hand protector. Find one today from a reputable supplier, and make it a part of your everyday ensemble!

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