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How Anger Can Affect Your Health?

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You may have heard about some of the ways that anger can affect your health, since it can cause a multitude of problems for you. While it may be difficult to prevent anger all the time, you should limit it when possible. Here’s a look at what anger can do to your health and how to address your anger.

Could Lead to Physical Ailments

Anger can cause you to develop physical conditions, especially if you are angry often or if you don’t address your anger regularly. Some illnesses that may arise are heart disease, strokes, not being able to sleep, body pains, and high blood pressure.

May Cause Mental Conditions

It isn’t just mental conditions that can affect you when you are expressing anger, however. You may also experience symptoms related to mental health conditions. For instance, an individual may experience anxiety or depression when they have an issue with anger. For this reason, you should try everything you can to keep anger to a minimum.

If you want to learn more about anger and its effect on your mental health, read BetterHelp for helpful articles and information.

It Can Leave You Feeling Sick

You could feel sick often when anger is an issue for you. It might weaken your immune system, so you are under the weather with colds, flus, or other respiratory issues more often than others are. Think about how often you are sick if you are someone who would like to address their anger levels.

How to Lessen Anger

If you feel that you are experiencing a lot of anger, there are things you can do to alleviate it.

Keep Breathing

One thing that you must remember to do when you are facing anger is to keep breathing. No matter if you have been angry for a while or if something just made you mad, you should concentrate on your breathing for a bit, which might be able to calm you down. Moreover, you should try to put things into perspective when you take the time to keep yourself in the moment.

Talk to Others

Another way that you may be able to rid yourself of some of your anger is by talking to people that you trust. If there are issues that are angering you or you are in an argument with someone and need to let off steam, a friend might be able to help.

Besides just being a person to talk to, they should also have the ability to tell you what they have done in similar situations. Advice from someone you care about might be what you need to help you feel better about your situation.

Seek Therapy

You can also seek therapy to assist when it comes to addressing your anger. A therapist will not only be there to listen to what you are going through, but they might be able to help you isolate triggers that are causing anger in your life.

Besides that, a counselor might be able to offer different techniques on how to stop anger before it starts or what can be done to lessen it when you are experiencing it. Keep in mind that anytime you are unable to get through your day without anger having an impact on your schedule, it may be time to talk to a therapist.


Everyone gets angry from time to time but if you are angry frequently, it might be prudent to do something about it. Since anger can affect your health in a few negative ways, you may want to reverse this by lessening it. You can learn more about staying in the moment, use a friend as a sounding board, or even work with a therapist when you are doing your best to lower the amount of anger you experience. Be sure to keep with it, since it could take some time and effort to lower your overall anger. However, it will be worth it.

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