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Market your beauty salon on Instagram using these five techniques

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One of the biggest challenges for any business is to create an effective marketing strategy that allows them to reach a large audience without being too costly. Social media is one of the best tools to incorporate into your marketing strategy as a beauty salon owner, as it achieves both.

Instagram is the 4th largest social media platform in terms of the number of users around the globe. Due to its extensive reach, it is now used by many businesses all over the world. Since it focuses a lot on visual content, such as photographs and videos, it makes sense to use it for promoting a beauty salon.

Even if you have not previously used Instagram to promote your business, you can use these methods to start now.

Five best Instagram promotion methods

1. Post interesting content regularly

One of the most important parts of marketing online is being consistent and regular with your posts. If you do not post content regularly, your followers will likely lose interest and stop following you. You must also make sure that the content you post is not repetitive.

A salon flyer displaying all your services is one of the most important things you must have on your page. It should be bright and eye-catching, and with all the details mentioned clearly. Pin the flyer on your account or post it as part of a highlight that displays a montage of the services provided to customers.

You should also take people behind the scenes and let them get to know the people in your salon, as this will allow people to have a more personal connection with your salon. Try posting fun clips and videos like your staff participating in online challenges or trying out some of the products on each other. Just keep things fresh and light.

If you have a big event or sale coming ahead, you should create dedicated posters and content for it and then announce it on your page. Just post reminder content regularly ahead of it to maximize the number of people who see it.

2. Show off your work

Showing your skills is an absolute must for a salon. Transformative haircuts, extravagant makeup looks, and satisfying waxing clips can make for some great content for viewers and the salon both. Short edited clips displaying the before and after results act as proof of your skills and can encourage people to try your services.

You can also post pictures of hairstyles you have done or intricate nail designs done by your salon. Just make sure to highlight your best work regularly.

Add all the related popular hashtags on your posts and trending songs in the background, and you will gain a lot of attention.

3. Host competitions

Every once in a while, you should host giveaways or competitions to keep your followers interested. For example, you can host a competition ahead of the holidays and offer free services like massages, haircuts, makeovers, or nail art to the winners. You can also offer discounts to the winners or giveaway some products to the winners.

You can host competitions like people trying to recreate a certain makeup look or hairstyle or creating the most interesting makeup look based on a certain theme. Make sure to clarify what the gifts will be and how you will pick the winners.

4. Incorporate customer feedback

One of the best parts about social media marketing is that you can interact with customers and instantly incorporate their feedback into your campaign. You can ask customers to send in their experiences with the salon and then post them on your story or create a separate testimonial highlight. You can also ask customers to share their final looks if they use your services, and then you can repost their photos on your page.

5. Share your knowledge

As someone who works in the beauty industry, you are likely to know a lot of tips and tricks about personal grooming. You can use your account to share your expert advice with your followers about trending or frequently discussed topics so that they can get better results at home. You can even debunk common myths and misconceptions.

You can pick a topic each week and address it using a video, slideshow, or photo containing important information. Topics can include things like hair dyeing, at-home waxing, skincare tips, makeup tips, etc.

The bottom line

Your online presence is one of the best reflections of your work; people now heavily rely on it in beauty services. Hence, you must ensure that your work is displayed on your platform. Having a large following on Instagram can lead to your account being noticed by even more people, as it will be suggested to even more users.

Instagram can also act as a great tool to keep in touch with old customers and create good relationships with potential customers. Make sure to actively respond to the messages you receive, as this will reflect your general customer service.

So make use of these Instagram marketing tips right now and create interesting and eye-catching content for your account. It is important that anyone who visits your account instantly gets the option to book an appointment so just add a button in your Instagram bio and a link underneath all your posts.

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