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10 Ways You Can Lessen Your Anxiety

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Almost anyone can experience anxiety upon occasion, but at times, it may seem like too much. If you have anxiety and would like to reduce it, there are ways to accomplish this. Keep reading to find out 10 ways to lessen anxiety. These may come in handy the next time you find yourself feeling anxious.

Get Some Sleep

You need to get the recommended amount of sleep each night when you are trying to keep your anxiety at bay. This is around 8 hours of sleep every night. Make sure that you go to bed at the same time on weekdays and weekends, and you may be able to get this amount of sleep. It can be a good idea to limit naps you take during the day and pay attention to how much caffeine you are intaking also, so you can ensure that you are able to sleep at bedtime.

Eat Healthy

Another aspect of your life to consider is your diet. If you are eating many meals away from home, it may be time to start cooking again. When you are making meals at your house, you know exactly what is in them. You will be able to add plenty of fruits and vegetables into recipes you already like. This can add nutrients and vitamins that your body needs. Furthermore, you should do what you can to eat the proper number of calories each day.


Getting your body moving may also be able to take some of the anxiety away. Working out just 30 minutes a day, a few times a week could change the way you feel. After you are able to exercise a few days a week, you can start working out even more. This may be able to not only lessen anxiety and stress, but it may also cause you to feel better about yourself. If you find that you are having trouble working out each day, see if you can get a buddy to walk around the block or go to the gym with you.

Take Time For You

It may be necessary to take some time just for you as well. When you are feeling like you have so much going on that it is upsetting you, this may be the time to take a break. You can choose to take a few minutes for yourself to just decompress, or you might need to schedule a day off, so you can sit around and relax instead of working.

Don’t Do Too Much

For many, they may have plenty of tasks that they must get done each day. When you are at your limit and you have too much on your plate, it could be necessary to inquire others for help. Perhaps you can ask your spouse to handle some of the household chores one day for you or see if a co-worker will mind taking some of your tasks off your hands for the week. The important part is when you are feeling overwhelmed, you need to focus on feeling better. You shouldn’t keep exposing yourself to high levels of anxiety.

Hang Out With Loved Ones

It might be helpful to be around others you care about when you are feeling anxious. If you are able to visit with a friend or go to a family member’s house, this may be the change of scenery that you need. Moreover, it could help to talk to someone that cares about you. They should be able to offer you advice and listen to what you have to say.

Stay in The Moment

You can also practice staying in the moment. This is when you take the time to notice things in your life that are present in the moment, so you are able to concentrate on that, instead of the thoughts and issues that may be racing through your head. For example, you can take a moment to look at all the things on your desk.

Look at the desk for 30 seconds and then close your eyes for 30 seconds. See if you can remember all of the items you just saw. This could allow you to change your focus long enough to alleviate some of the anxiety you were experiencing.

Concentrate On Your Breathing

When you are anxious, you may have a difficult time remembering where you are and what is happening around you. This is a good time to concentrate on your breathing. If you are able to slow down your breathing and relax a little, this may cause you to feel a bit better. Then you can move on to something else that you need to do.

Go Outside

Going outside may also be something to consider. If you have been trapped in your home or office for much of the week, it might improve your mood if can go outside, smell the fresh air, and feel the sunshine. You can take a walk with your dog or just spend a few minutes in a park. It’s up to you.

Get Counseling

If you are experiencing anxiety often or if it is impacting your routine, it may be necessary to talk to a therapist about what is going on in your life. A professional should be able to advise you on ways to lessen your anxiety, and provide treatment options for you, if the need arises. They can also be a neutral person to talk to, in case there are issues that you want to talk about, and you are uncomfortable sharing these things with people that you know.

For additional details on how therapy can help you with your anxiety, you can look at BetterHelp for information and advice.


If you are experiencing anxiety and you would like to lessen the frequency or how intense it is, there are a few ways to do this. You can work on your diet, exercise, and even talk to your friends about it. If these things don’t make a difference, you can always work with a therapist for more assistance.

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