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Can Seasonal Depression Happen in Summer?

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Seasonal Depression: Many people spend months looking forward to summer and all the activities the season brings. They’re ready for days by the pool, trips to the beach and long vacations. However, summer isn’t a fun time for everyone. Some people can experience unique depression during this time of year and need support to get through it.

What Is Summer Depression

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, isn’t uncommon among adults. It is usually associated with wintertime when the colder, shorter, darker days leave people feeling down. However Summertime SAD can take a toll on people as well. People in this position may not know how to manage these feelings. Look into anxiety products for adults that can help you ease the stress.

Figuring Out Why You Feel This Way

It’s extremely important to figure out what is leading to your summer depression so you can address the issue. Several factors can trigger depression and anxiety during the summer:

  • Social pressure. The increased amount of socialization during the summer can lead to anxiety.
  • Sleep problems. Longer days can throw off sleeping schedules which affect mental health.
  • Vacation stress. Planning large and complex vacations can be stressful, leading to depression.
  • Body image worries. The idea of wearing bathing suits and more revealing clothes may cause concern for some people.

Start by looking into your circumstances and seeing if any of the above problems are present in your life. If these pressures are making you feel short-tempered, look into getting prescription medication for irritability.

Taking Steps To Feel Better

Once you understand what’s contributing to your seasonal depression, you can start to move forward. You may find you need a bit of help in the form of medicine. There are plenty of non drowsy anxiety meds that can make your days a bit easier without you missing out on fun activities.

Talk to a therapist if you can about how you feel. They can help you sort through the emotions you feel and work on coping ideas you can use all summer and beyond. Even if you think the depression is temporary it’s still worth it to get treatment.

Re-evaluate the obligations you’re committing to this summer. Because of all the plans people make during the season, you may find that there is just too much to do and too many places to be. Cut back on things you don’t want to do and prioritize rest and self-care.

Take time to set a sleep schedule you can stick to. When the sun is shining until late in the evening, it becomes easy to lose track of time and go to bed too late. Set timers that will help you take note of what time it is in the evening so you can start winding down at an appropriate hour. You may also find it helpful to have darker shades in your home.

Seasonal depression isn’t reserved for the fall or winter, so don’t be afraid to get help during the summer. Consider how anxiety meds can support your wellness journey.

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