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Cleaning fingernails – Tips and Methods for Cleaning Fingernails

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Methods and Tips for cleaning fingernails

1. Clean your nails with a lemon

  • The first natural for cleaning fingernails and a handy tip for cleaning dirty nails is to use lemon.
  • If your nails are dirty and even black from yard work or the like, here’s what you can do to clean them.
  • Remove the rind of a lemon.
  • Rub the dirty nail with the inside of the bark.
  • Besides cleaning the nails thoroughly, lemon juice can also be helpful in whitening the pins.
  • Ah yes, I forgot, you can also use this grandmother’s trick to remove dirt from under the nails.

2. Clean under the nails with a brush

  • Cleaning the nails is not too difficult but cleaning under the nails to remove dirt and deeply encrusted soil is a little less comfortable.
  • One product that you absolutely must have at home is the nail brush.
  • For cleaning under the nails, it is beneficial as a product. They come in all kinds and shapes.

3. Clean the nails with baking soda

If the dirt encrusts on your nails, how about trying out a little homemade recipe against dirty and black nails?

Here’s how to do nail cleaning:

  • Mix some water with baking soda
  • Mix to form a kind of semi-liquid paste
  • Dip a toothbrush in the mixture and rub the nails
  • It is an excellent tip for deep cleaning the nails but also for making the nails whiter.
  • You can also try the baking soda paste recipe with your nail brush if you have one.

4. Soak your nails in hydrogen peroxide

  • Why soak your nails in hydrogen peroxide or hydrogen peroxide if you prefer? Do you know it?
  • Here it is more a question of whitening the nails than cleaning.
  • So if you are looking for a tip to whiten the nails quickly, hydrogen peroxide is the solution.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Soak her nails in a bowl of hot water for 10 minutes.
  • Then soak his nails in a bowl of hydrogen peroxide for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse and moisturize the hands to finish cleaning the nails.
  • Above all, it is a tip for whitening the nails, but it is also useful for deep cleaning under and on the nails’ surface.

5. Dip your hands in soapy water

  • If you are looking for a tip for light nail cleaning, whether on the surface or under the nails, soapy water is still a great idea.
  • Pour hot water into a basin
  • Add some mild hand soap
  • Soak hands for ten minutes
  • You can supplement with a small brushing session to remove more stubborn dirt from your fingernails and hands.

6. Cleaning the nails with toothpaste

  • Toothpaste is a product that we can use for a thousand and one house cleaning tips.
  • Whether in the kitchen, in the laundry room, or on the face, toothpaste can also clean nails very well.
  • We use toothpaste to brush our teeth, so why not use it for cleaning our nails!
  • All you need is a good nail brush or a toothbrush if you don’t have a nail brush at home.
  • Put some white paste toothpaste on the brush and start brushing and cleaning the nails; it’s that easy!

7. Dental prosthesis cleaner

  • Let’s stay in the area of teeth again, this time with a trick that consists of using a denture cleaner to clean and whiten the nails.
  • You know the cleaning tablets that we place in a glass of water to clean dentures or other dentures.
  • During the night and well, that can be useful in the case which concerns us here.
  • Thanks to baking soda and other citric acid substances, this product can be an excellent idea for whitening and cleaning the nails. And then are you going to test this other trick?

8. Be careful with nail polish

  • Do you usually apply nail polish a lot and always? If you use nail polish every morning and in the evening, you do not take the time to remove the varnish properly.
  • It may stain your nails permanently or almost in the medium term!
  • But that is not all because, in addition to staining the nails in the long term.
  • The use of a varnish and a nail polish remover significantly weakens the nails, making them much more fragile and brittle.

9. Protect your hand and nails

  • If you like gardening and playing in your garden and your flower beds, why not just wear gloves to avoid your hands from getting dirty and, therefore, your nails dirty?
  • Having black fingernails from gardening is not a big deal in itself, but if you don’t manage to clean everything, it is much less pleasant and pretty.
  • So wear gloves on your next gardening session.
  • The same advice for washing the dishes with dish brush is that you should wear gloves to protect your hands and nails, fragile and brittle because of soap and water.

10. Prepare a bath of warm water and soap

  • Soak your fingertips in it for three minutes to soften your nails.
  • The water should not be lukewarm or hot.
  • In the first case, the bath will be ineffective, and in the second, you risk damaging your hands.
  • A bath helps to soften and soften the nails, making them less crispy and brittle during cleaning.

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