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Deep Brain Stimulation and its benefits.

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What is Deep Brain Stimulation?

The process of implanting pulse generating electrodes in a certain region of the brain to control any abnormal functions is known as deep brain stimulation. A pulse generator is connected to the electrodes via a thin wire lead and is used to send out impulses to the brain.

Used to treat conditions such as tremors, Parkinson’s disease, Dystonia, and Epilepsy, it is prescribed in cases where medications fail to work. Electric pulses are used to treat any abnormalities due to which the problem is being caused.

What are the different components of the DBS system?

Three main components are used during the process of deep brain stimulation. These include:

  1. Electrodes: Also known as leads, these are the tiny lead wires which are inserted into the brain through an opening in the skull. These electrodes are used to deliver electric impulses to the desired region of the brain. The tip of these electrodes is aligned with the target region of the brain.
  2. Extension: The insulated wire that passes under the skin of the skull, neck, and upper chest connects the electrodes to the pulse generator. It carries the signals from the pulse generator to the electrodes.
  3. Internal Pulse Generator: The IPG or Internal pulse generator is a programmable device that is used to control the frequency of the pulses sent to the brain. It is usually placed in the upper chest region, but in some cases might be placed under the skin in the lower chest or abdomen region.

What are the benefits of deep brain stimulation?

  1. Based on the severity of the condition, the treatment can be implemented on either or both sides of the brain. This makes it flexible and need-based.
  2. Since the IPG is programmable, the effects of the treatment are reversible and can be customized for each patient and their condition.
  3. While it carries its side effects, it can be nullified or minimized with the help of proper customization and programming.
  4. With proper monitoring, 24-hour control is easily attainable using the programmable device.
  5. Undergoing DBS does not disqualify patients from undergoing other treatments such as gene therapy or stem cell therapy.

Which country should be your first choice for DBS?

Many developed nations offer world-class treatment for DBS. But giving a tough competition to these nations and coming up as a popular destination for DBS is Turkey. With its focus on highly trained professionals and providing technologically advanced solutions, Turkey offers a safe and effective DBS treatment.

DBS surgery price in Turkey is highly competitive when compared to other developed nations such as Singapore, the USA, and the UK. Starting at USD 25000, it is one of the cheapest destinations to get a quality DBS procedure done.

If you are looking for the best hospital for DBS surgery in Turkey, several names pop up. These include Medical Park Tokat Hospital, Medical Park Gebze Hospital, Memorial Ankara hospital, and Memorial Antalya hospital. These facilities offer the best in class facilities without hurting your pocket. So if you are looking for a DBS treatment for yourself or a loved one, you should explore your options in Turkey.

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