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Does salt water damage hair? – Benefits, Treatment, Precautions, and Tips

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Salt water: Nourishes or Damages

  • We usually think, does salt water damage hair as salt and iodine tend to dry out, damaging your hair when you bathe regularly.
  • Suppose the benefits of hair care containing iodine are no longer demonstrated, such as that of texturing the hair for an “out of the beach” effect.
  • In that case, seawater remains a naturally aggressive element, just like the sun.
  • Devoid of external agents and additives intended to treat and hydrate the hair in the cosmetic industry.
  • The salt water effects are different depending on whether you have more oily, dry, or coloured hair.
  • Between sun oils, hats, sunglasses, they undergo some trauma, which tends to excite sebum production.
  • We end up washing them too often, and it’s the infernal circle that sets in!

The benefits of salt water for oily hair

  • For all those whose scalp is naturally oily, seawater is not a particular problem.
  • Popular in cosmetics and even marketed for many years as hair care, iodized water tends to cleanse your hair.
  • With a tendency to calm itching and irritation, salt water and seaweed also promote blood circulation.
  • By hydrating your scalp thanks to the trace elements naturally contained in seawater, you benefit from the advantages of these treatments for your scalp.
  • Salt water is also a great ally in combating dandruff.
  • To keep your ends shiny and supple, consider applying a moisturizer after swimming. But not on the roots!

Salt water: Beware of dry and brittle hair

  • On the other hand, for those with dry hair and a sensitive scalp, the iodine of salt water is strongly discouraged by dermatologists.
  • When you expose yourself to seawater daily, your scalp directly impacts it by the fundamental salt and iodine pH.
  • Watch out for this seawater’s effects, which irritates your already brittle and dry hair by weakening them even more.
  • If you have, like many, fragile, brittle, and coarse hair or your colour regularly, salt and iodine particularly contraindicate.

Protect your hair from salt water

  • Before swimming, protecting your hair is essential; otherwise, it will permanently weaken the capillary capital.
  • Therefore, it is advisable to waterproof and moisturize your hair with hair protection in the form of oil or spray containing UV filters.
  • Remember to rinse your hair well with fresh water after sunbathing and swimming in the sea, an indication that applies to all types of hair.
  • The combination of salt and sand causes irritating effects on your scalp, and careful rinsing with freshwater followed by a moisturizing bath with essential oils is preferable regardless of hair types.
  • Castor oil or avocado can also be a great bedtime solution to smooth out the ends and keep your hair well hydrated throughout the night.


  • Salt water is not too cool for the hair; it dries them out; I advise you to wear a hair mask every time you shower.
  • You apply vegetable oil (olive, jojoba, sweet almond) to your lengths. It will protect your hair from the aggression of salt.

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