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How Proper Hair Care Can Make You More Attractive?

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Hair Care: A charming personality, stylish wardrobe, and good health are important determinants of anyone’s attractiveness. As for good health, you’ll need a great body, well-kempt or shaved facial hair, white teeth, smooth skin, and most importantly, nice hair. Unfortunately, most women neglect their hair or focus solely on protecting hair from humidity. Ideally, your hair deserves as much tenderness, love, and care as your skin.

Complete hair care revolves around choosing the best hair stylists, such as Lux Hair Lounge, and ensuring that your hairdresser uses effective hair products. Below are the main benefits of using good hair products.

1. It Adds Hair Volume

Hair volume isn’t solely about the quantity. It includes the structure of hair strands, both individually and collectively. More hair volume means that hair roots stand tall instead of flopping. Without proper volume, roots lie flat and prevent hair from appearing thick and abundant, which is more attractive to most people than thin-looking hair. To achieve good hair volume, you should invest in the following hair products:

  • Texture powder – Like most hair powder types, texture powder contains silica silylate, which sticks to hair fibers and builds hair volume. Some chemicals in this powder also absorb excess oils.
  • Mousse – This is a universal hair product that can be used with all hair types. Mousse maximizes hair volume and enhances texture and definition when applied to hair roots.

2. Maintains the Form and Style of Your Hair

Proper hair care also maintains the form and style of your hair, which frames your face. If you want an outstanding bone structure and facial features, choose a perfect hairstyle, and learn how to maintain it. Most people who style their hair probably use gels, which has plenty of risks. Continuous use of gel causes dandruff, drying of scalp, itchiness, and formation of residues. You should avoid hair gel and use the following options:

  • Wax – Hair wax is excellent for messy and moderately structured hair. It effectively creates spikes and holds your hair down neatly.
  • Paste – Hair paste is a versatile product that suits all hair types. The paste is water-based, making it easy to wash out.

3. Adds Shine to Your Hair

There’s nothing as appealing as shiny hair. This explains why most shampoo commercials feature women turning their heads to show their sparkly hair. This is the finishing touch your hair should have every time you leave the house. While it may not get shiny as what’s portrayed in the ads, because of photoshops and other digital enhancing tools, you’ll see how your hair reflects light and sticks out more. For this, you’ll need the following products:

  • Hair serum – Also known as gloss or polish- contains oils and silicone, which provide a nice touch of shine.
  • Cream – Hair cream strikes a perfect balance between hair separation, substance, and separation.


Bad hair makes women nervous, reduces confidence, and makes them unsociable. Quality hair products, especially shampoos, contain fragrances that make your hair smell nice. However, don’t forget the importance of working with a good hairstylist.

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