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How to stop lipstick from bleeding – Reasons, Tips to stop lipstick from bleeding, and More

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  • Many of us want to know, how to stop lipstick from bleeding because wearing lipstick, it is super glam and allows you to reveal your smile.
  • The application is super easy, but it should not drool or slip between the folds.
  • Especially if it’s natural and vegan, we need to prevent an easy mat lipstick from drooling.

Why is it drooling?

  • When a lip contour is a bit marked with fine lines, the lipstick tends to run into the fine lines around the lips.
  • Imagine lips that you look at under a magnifying glass, with fine lines all around.
  • When you apply the lipstick, with the fine lines, the contours of the lip being irregular, they do not play their role of the barrier, of natural delimitation.
  • The lipstick material will then ‘migrate,’ that is to say that the pigments will move on the surface of the skin because of the movements of the lips during the day. Ouch, it’s drooling!
  • Let’s move on to our ultra-simple tips for a lipstick with precise contours.

Tips to stop lipstick from bleeding

  • Here are the actions that must be carried out systematically so that the rouge remains stable on the lips.
  • The lip liner to define the contour of the lips
  • No, this is not a 90s revival, where he highlighted the lips!
  • The lip liner is an essential makeup tool to define the contours of your mouth. From now on, it is discreet.
  • We redraw the mouth in pencil before applying the lipstick for such a natural effect! It creates a physical delineation, an imperceptible barrier, which fixes the lipstick.
  • Before applying your lipstick, the lip liner helps prevent unsightly smudges and spills.
  • Thus, you draw a precise and delicate line. The lipstick does not move and has a better hold.

Bonus: how to choose your lip liner color?

  • By the way, how do we choose? There are many lip pencils on the market.
  • There is a multitude of shades and textures: simple pencil or jumbo thicker and creamy.
  • Drier textures are ideal with a gloss to highlight the contour of your lips. They are more supported and, therefore, more visible.
  • Be careful with your choice: the drier a lip liner, the more difficult the line will draw.
  • If you want a soft finish, for a mat or satin red, prefer soft and creamy galenic, a bit like a grease pencil.
  • To choose the right color, nothing very complicated, you have to try to match the colors.
  • If you go for a nude lipstick, prefer a shade close to your lips’ natural color.
  • If you go for dark or bright lipstick, go for a slightly darker color.
  • Pro makeup artists evoke a difference of one to two shades between the pencil and the lipstick to avoid demarcation.
  • The pencil invisible lips also are popular right now.
  • Their transparent shade is the solution if you are afraid of the wrong color.
  • It has the same properties as a classic pencil to prevent overflow.
  • For a successful application, we start by applying the pencil to the heart of the lips, emphasizing the Cupid’s bow, the little name in the middle of the upper lips.
  • Then, light hatching is done on the outline of the lips.
  • Finally, we melt the two materials using the tip of the pencil or the fingertips.

Pursing your lips on a handkerchief: a reflex to have

  • When the material is in excess on the lips, the risk of it overflowing during the day is maximum.
  • Therefore, to avoid any smudging, it is essential to pinch a handkerchief between the lips to remove the excess.
  • This technique allows for less material and less burr.
  • An easy and inexpensive first step that you owe it to yourself to apply today.

Make-up tip: concealer to catch up with a smudge or overflow

  • I find that diverting makeup products is an insufficiently widespread practice!
  • However, we can use each cosmetic in different ways.
  • Take the example of the concealer, and it is fabulous for the mouth.
  • The concealer applied by touches around the lips allows you to define the contours and enhance your mouth.
  • Likewise, it helps to correct a burr using a small sponge or brush.
  • For this, you have to insist just above the famous Cupid’s bow and inside your lips.
  • Then, you must immediately apply the lipstick.
  • The hold of your lipstick will be even better, and no more spillage on the horizon.

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