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How Stem Cell Skincare Helps The Skin Heal Faster After Laser Treatment

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Over the years, laser skin treatments have become an increasingly popular practice undertaken to address various skin concerns with the additional goal of achieving a youthful appearance. Ablative and nonablative procedures offer effective solutions, but to optimize and ensure long-lasting results, a comprehensive approach to pre- and post-treatment care is required. Before we explore the value that stem cell skincare brings to the healing process after laser treatments, we’ll first need to understand the effects of these skin resurfacing procedures.

Laser skin resurfacing is a widely embraced method for achieving a more youthful, leveled complexion, and can be categorized between ablative (a more aggressive approach that vaporizes skin tissue) and nonablative (a gentler approach that leaves the skin intact). Ablative lasers, such as carbon dioxide lasers, work by removing the outer skin layer, addressing fine lines, age spots, uneven skin tone, sun damage, and scars. On the other hand, nonablative lasers work to stimulate collagen growth without damaging the epidermal surface.

While ablative measures provide more drastic results, they are not without their potential risks like scarring, irregular pigmentation, bleeding, and infection, especially when compared to the less traumatic effects of fractionated lasers which also carry the benefits of reduced recovery time. Laser treatments serve a variety of purposes, such as tightening the skin to reduce sagging, addressing instances of severe acne, and repairing sun-damaged skin.

Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing procedures are known for their skin-tightening effects despite their extended recovery period. Alternatives that are far less invasive do exist, though at the cost of results that are not as lasting and may require further treatments. Nonablative lasers are still able to deliver heat into the skin to tighten any loose skin in different areas, but it may take multiple sessions to get optimal results. Severe acne can also be effectively addressed with laser treatments, where multiple sessions and a combination of lasers may be necessary to improve the skin condition. Finally, sun damage can manifest itself in wrinkles, pigment changes, moles, lesions upon the dermis layer, and even skin cancer. Laser treatments can be utilised to facilitate the repair and regeneration of skin cells. The photons from the laser can penetrate the skin on a deep level to promote healthy cell production, increase cell growth, and boost the body’s manufacturing of enzymes and collagen.

While laser treatments offer significant benefits, optimizing the outcomes and results requires careful consideration of pre-and post-treatment skincare applications and routines, especially the latter. This is where CALECIM® Professional, a brand known for its unique stem cell skincare, can complement and advance the effects of the laser treatment process.

CALECIM® Professional products are specifically designed to act as supplements to both ablative and nonablative laser treatments, including microneedling treatments. Calecim® Professional improves results for nonablative procedures that are gentler on the skin because it encourages collagen production without hurting the surface. It does this by encouraging tissue renewal, cell proliferation, and collagen synthesis. It is no wonder Calecim’s offers what is known as one of the best serums for recovery post-treatment. This leads to overall improved skin texture and tone while minimising the potential side effects.

In the case of more aggressive treatments, the brand’s Professional Serum is recommended to be used on the epidermis immediately after the procedure. This is followed by additional applications at home to further incorporate their Multi-Action Cream and Restorative Hydration Cream into a daily skincare regimen, which work in tandem to strengthen the skin renewal process and provide the essential hydration to improve the overall outcome of the laser treatment process.

The success of CALECIM® Professional’s stem cell skincare, which is full of growth factors and exosomes, is not only evident in its effectiveness as a post-treatment application but also in the endorsement it has received from skincare professionals. Dr. Cheryl L. Effron, a highly experienced Board Certified Dermatologist with over 38 years of practice within the industry, has described CALECIM®’s Professional Serum and Multi-Action Cream as the “biggest transformation” to laser procedures in her practice.

She emphasizes the potential of the brand’s products and their ability to minimize pain and acute discomfort in the recovery process, particularly in patients undergoing ablative and intensive facial treatments. Such a side effect has, understandably, often been identified as a notable concern for patients who are considering aesthetic laser and chemical peel treatments. The Professional Serum, when applied immediately post-procedure, has been shown to relieve the burning and stinging effects, thus providing a potent balm for patients.

This was proven in a split-face clinical trial previously conducted by Dr. Effron that involved 14 patients and was set out to assess the effectiveness of CALECIM®’s Professional Serum in reducing warmth, redness, and pain after fractional CO2 laser resurfacing. Patients reported a general increase in “overall comfort” and expressed a desire to continue the use of the serum as part of their post-treatment facial routine. The study therefore concluded that the skin treated with the serum demonstrated a considerable soothing effect, with the serum’s success recognised not only in clinical settings but also reflected in the demand for continuous use by satisfied patients.

Dr. Effron’s positive findings have been shared through lectures and seminars, encouraging interest among dermatologists and highlighting the overall efficacy that CALECIM®’s products tout, and the benefits of incorporating them into their practices. The integration of products like the Professional Serum into pre- and post-laser procedural care provides a scientifically grounded approach to skincare, specifically involving stem cells. Its unique formula, which features a host of growth factors, exosomes, hyaluronic acid, and anti-inflammatory cytokines, creates an ideal environment within the skin for healing and enhances the overall results from the treatment. As patients continue to seek out laser treatment practices to solve their skincare woes, CALECIM® Professional remains standing out as both a highly effective solution for skin rejuvenation and recovery, as well as a well-rounded enhancement of such clinical treatment results.

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