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Lip Brushes Write for Us – A lip brush is a makeup claim tool that is usually a long, thin pencil-like wand with soft hairs at the end that typically form a tapered point. It is used to apply a lipstick or a lip gloss evenly on to the lips. In most cases of lip product application however the use of lip brushes is often neglected!

Lip Brushes Write for UsAre lip brushes necessary I hear you ask?

I always think that if you are mixing several shades and/or formulas together, you absolutely need a lip brush! Using a lip brush to apply lip colour will help your lipstick to last longer too because less product layers are used in each application. In addition, a lip brush is often used to blend lip liner and lipstick together for a more seamless look and can also be used to apply lip gloss too.

But how do you get those bright colours and sticky glosses out of the brush?

Cleaning your lip brush is really simple! I would definitely recommend using the MAC BRUSH CLEANSER to clean and condition the brush fibres so that your brush lasts longer after each use. To prevent product, build up simply place a small amount of the brush cleaner on a napkin or tissue and gently wipe back and forth until the brush wipes clean and repeat the steps if needed.

Some of my favourite Lip Brushes that I would recommend trying are the 316 SYNTHETIC LIP BRUSH as it has a very fine tip that gives you a great controlled application of colour. It also comes with a metal cover that keeps it clean, protects the brush fibres and makes if great to carry around in your bag! You can also try the 318 SYNTHETIC RETRACTABLE LIP BRUSH which is an ultra-firm brush that has a tapered tip to help define the contours of the lip.

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