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Life hacks to make your teeth white – 7 Amazing Life Hacks for having white teeth

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What do you mean by life hacks to make teeth white?

  • Life hacks to make your teeth white are simple and creative tips or accomplish healthier white teeth more quickly and efficiently.
  • Maintaining teeth white, and promoting a healthier mouth, is one of the best life hacks for whitening your teeth, along with good health and energy all day long.

Everyday Simple Life Hacks

1. Sprinkle the toothbrush with sodium bicarbonate

  • Baking soda is a very effective natural descaler; bicarbonate can effectively whiten teeth.
  • Instead of using toothpaste, brush your teeth with a little baking soda.
  • However, please don’t do it every day to avoid damaging the enamel, do it once a month!

2. Take a bath with sea salt

  • Thanks to its iodine content, sea salt is an excellent antibacterial.
  • Bacteria are responsible for the staining of teeth.
  • Dissolve a pinch of coarse salt in lukewarm water and brush your teeth with this preparation.
  • We can do it once or twice a week.

3. Use Lemon

  • Squeeze a lemon juice.
  • Dip your toothbrush in undiluted lemon juice. Brush your teeth with the soaked brush.
  • Gently brush your gums as well. And there you have it; your teeth are now whiter.
  • But also, the vitamin C contained in lemon juice strengthens your gums. Result: they are healthier and your teeth healthier!
  • And that’s not all, because, under the action of lemon, the gums redden. And in contrast, your teeth look even whiter.

4. Choosing the right toothpaste

  • To take care of your teeth, you have to choose a toothpaste next to your toothbrush that makes your teeth whiter while taking care of your gums and email.
  • To adopt a brilliant smile, you have to choose the right ingredients, that is, the right toothpaste.
  • Opt for the “special whiteness” formulas because they generally contain ingredients that act effectively on the causes of loss of whiteness to give you a perfect smile.

5. Use mouthwash often

  • Besides the toothbrush and toothpaste, do not hesitate to complete your oral routine with mouthwash, for example.
  • This is the product you need to protect your oral cavity and keep it clean too.
  • To do this, choose a mint-based mouthwash, it makes your oral cavity.
  • You can also use it for brushing your teeth as it can make them whiter too.

6. Opt for natural products

  • If you are fans of organic products and all-natural derivatives, you can opt for essential oils, lemon pulp, or even vegetable charcoal to make your teeth whiter.
  • Essential oils: choose tea tree oil known for its antibacterial properties, which help fight against the appearance of dental plaque.
  • Lemon oil is also useful in removing tartar and making teeth whiter.
  • We can do the trick every day for a maximum of 3 consecutive weeks.
  • Prefer a small amount because essential oils are potent.

7. Practice good oral hygiene

  • The best way to have long-term white teeth is to have good oral hygiene.
  • You must brush your teeth two to three times a day and use dental floss from time to time.
  • For optimal brushing of your teeth, use electric toothbrushes.
  • Also, don’t forget to swipe your tongue and the inside of your cheeks about once a week.
  • And also, regularly rinse your mouth to eliminate all harmful bacteria.

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