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How to protect hair from humidity – Best ways to protect hair

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How to protect hair from humidity?

  • How to protect hair from humidity is a common question, and how humidity affects different hair types by better not younger. so the answer is to provide nourishment and moisturize to your hair well.
  • Do you have swelling hair with humidity? Well, know that the humidity’s impact on the hair worsens markedly when the latter is damaged, poorly maintained, and lacks in hydration.
  • In fact, as the hair is not resistant, moisture penetrates more easily into the hair fibre, causing it to swell immediately.
  • In fact, be sure to maintain a regular care ritual adapted to your hair type. The essential products to have in your bathroom?
  • A hydrating shampoo, a softening conditioner, as well as a nourishing and fortifying mask.
  • Perfectly shaped, your hair will then be able to shield against humidity.

1. Dry your hair well after shampooing

  • Wet hair absorbs water (and therefore moisture) much more easily!
  • So, there is no question of going out in the morning with hair that has just been washed and still damp.
  • If you have a little time ahead, it is best to let your lengths air dry at home.
  • Another express and an ideal alternative for women in a hurry to avoid having hair that swells when it dries: use a hairdryer.
  • In this case, it is important to first apply an anti-heat cream for the hair, such as the thermo-active leave-in spray Expert Protection 230 ° Franck Provost.
  • An essential reflex to protect hair against the drying effect of heat!

2. Styling smart on days of high humidity

  • One thing is certain: straightened and loose hair is inevitably more vulnerable to humidity.
  • So a little practical advice: just before sleeping or when you wake up, always check the weather forecast to choose the right hairstyle to achieve.
  • It helps avoid launching yourself into a smoothing or a brushing which would not hold the day anyway.
  • And if the humidity is high, we recommend that you tie your hair back to protect it, prevent the risk of frizz, and keep it from getting out of hand.
  • As for the style you choose to adopt, between braids, ponytails, or buns of all kinds, it’s up to you!
    Use an anti-humidity lacquer.
  • For all those who like to achieve pretty hairstyles and this, whatever the climate, there is, fortunately, a pro tip: use anti-humidity hairspray.
  • The latter will fix the hair and, as its name suggests, act as a barrier against humidity.
  • This is why Franck Provost offers its Ultra anti-humidity hairspray, whose primary mission is to counter all the negative effects.
  • It is linked to this phenomenon: hair swollen with humidity, sparkling, frizz, or even curls without spring.
  • Resistant up to 80% humidity, it, therefore, allows you to keep a hairstyle on top whatever the conditions.

How to avoid frizz in humid weather?

  • Frizz occurs when the hair shaft swells and the scales lift.
  • This phenomenon is, as you know, the result of exposure to a humid atmosphere.
  • To avoid it, you can, of course, use all of our previous anti-frizz remedies, but we still have one last trick in our bag to avoid frizz in wet weather: the anti-frizz serum!
  • It is best to apply to damp hair, over the entire length of your mane, without overloading the product.
  • A hazelnut warmed in the palm of your hand is more than enough. All you have to do is dry your hair.
  • Finally, if your hair is curly or frizzy, why not use the serum as a touch-up on dry hair!

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