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Quick Manicure – Definition, Method, Stages, Products, and More

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What is a Quick Manicure?

  • The quick manicure is a cosmetic beauty action for the fingernails and hands performed at home or in a nail salon and consists of filing and shaping.
  • We explain the few key steps to quickly and easily perform your manicure.
  • It will allow you to bring the minimum of your nail care in difficult times.
  • It will maintain and protect your nails despite the lack of time you have to them according.

Why should we do a manicure?

  • It nourishes the nails and protects them from external aggression.
  • You do not have time to file them to remove the small skins present on the nail’s contour, and you do not have 20 minutes in front of you.
  • No problem, get a quick manicure.
  • Doing a quick manicure will allow you to take care of your nails quickly.
  • In a little time, your nails will be shiny, healthy, clean, and aesthetic.
  • The beauty of your nails is instantaneous.

Stages of Quick Manicure and Nail Care

  • Start by removing makeup from your nails with a mild nail polish remover and cellulose squares.
  • We forget the steps, or we push the cuticles.
  • We pass the white block directly to mattify the natural nail.
  • And yes, we do not have time; we are talking about a manicure that we do quickly!
  • Dust off your nails and apply your base coat in a thin layer.
  • Once dry, you can apply your two coats of nail polish.
  • We do not forget Top Coat’s layer, which is essential to hold the manicure and protect your nail polish.
  • Up Up Up, you can run to your appointment.
  • On the other hand, take your cuticle oil pen with you.
  • You slip it into your bag, and at the first red light, you apply it to the cuticles.
  • And at the second red light, massage them gently.
  • And here is a beautiful manicure in just five steps !!
  • It is better to do a quick manicure than not to do it at all.
  • Nail care is essential. You now have beautifully painted nails !!

Indispensable products

  • Some manicure products are needed. They are useful regularly to care for and beautify the nails quickly.
  • They are among the essentials. Here they are :
  1. The gentle remover
  2. The buffer
  3. The base coat
  4. Nail polish
  5. The topcoat
  6. And finally, cuticle oil.
  • It is better to do this kind of little manicure now and then than to neglect your nails.
  • They have an essential role, so it is critical to think about looking after them and beautifying them.
  • And honestly, you saw it’s fast.

Classic and quick manicure

  • The manicure includes nail cleaning (cuticles cut and filed), shaping, and a polish of your choice.
  • If you want to get fancier, we can add to the nail art for an additional price.
  • Lifespan: Up to a week.
  • How to Remove: Our beauty experts say to soak a cotton pad in non-acetone nail polish remover to take the polish off at home easily.
  • Damage: A typical manicure is easy on nails, but Abramcyk recommends removing the polish after six days to keep it from drying your nail beds.

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