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Suntan removal products – Top Five Suntan removal products and Home remedies

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  • Suntan removal products are the products that help cleanse and remove dirt from the skin, making it clear and healthy.
  • We have compiled a list of some suntan removal products that are available in India.
  • The suntan removal products are mostly facing scrub, massage creams, and anti-tan creams that work on the skin’s outermost layer to remove or lighten the darkness.

Top Five Sun tan removal products

1. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun De-Tan Face Pack

  • The sun’s rays can damage and darken the skin.
  • That is why an anti-tan face pack is essential to get back the original skin colour.
  • We formulate the Lotus Herbals De-Tan face pack with liquorice and dandelion extracts.
  • And also, it effectively removes the dead skin and tan on the facial skin.
  • The tan reducing pack makes the skin radiant and glowy when used after coming back to the sun.

2. Jovees Wheatgerm & Carrot Anti Tan Pack

  • Firstly, carrot and wheat germ is a great combination to eliminate the tan on the face.
  • Secondly, it has AHAs, which rejuvenates the dull and dark looking skin while wheat germ smoothes the skin.
  • It is also an anti mark and anti-blemish face pack.
  • We can apply it twice a week. Men can also use it.

3. Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear Pack

  • Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear quantity is enriched with milk proteins and honey.
  • Both of these are high-quality for tan removal mildly d effectively.
  • Honey is an immense sun tan removing an ingredient, while the lactic acid in milk also does the same thing.
  • And also, honey makes the skin softer and feel the nourishment.
  • We can utilize it for the removal of tan on the body, like on hands and legs.

4. Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack

  • It is a fantastic tan removal facial pack formulated for oily skin and has the goodness of milk.
  • The milk has lactic acid and milk protein, which gives healthy skin free from dark tan.
  • Aroma Magic Tan Removing Milk Pack is simple to use and gives benefits in lightening the sun tanning.
  • We can use it two times a week.

5. Herbal Roots Sandalwood Face Pack

  • Herbal Roots Face Pack consists of uncontaminated sandalwood and some great antiseptic natural ingredient.
  • We mostly know sandalwood is helpful to purify, cleanse, and whiten your skin.
  • Sandalwood also increases the speed at which the skin cells renew; therefore, the skin becomes smoother and better in appearance.
  • We should apply the tan removal product regularly to fetch the benefits of fairer skin and no suntan.
  • It’s the most excellent product to remove tan for boys and girls.

Home Remedies to remove the tan

1. Potato Juice

  • Mix, in equal parts, raw potato juice and lemon juice and apply, using a cotton ball on the tanned area.
  • Leave it for 10 minutes before taking a bath.
  • Repeat the procedure daily. It is important to note that lemon juice is known for its bleaching properties.
  • I recommend you to do this remedy overnight.

2. Lemon and Sugar

  • Rub the area with a mixture prepared from a cup of lemon juice, two teaspoons of sugar, and a few glycerin drops.
  • Now gently massage the area with the tips of your fingers.
  • This natural exfoliating remedy helps not only to fade the tan but also to make the skin softer.

3. Milk and Yoghurt

  • Apply milk or yoghurt on the skin’s tanned surface before bathing, and you will notice the difference after a few days.
  • I recommend you to use this remedy for a month and see excellent results.

4. Cucumber

  • Peel a fresh cucumber and extract its juice, add one teaspoon of honey and mix until you get a paste.
  • Now apply gently on the tanned area several times a day.
  • Apply baby oil to tanned areas of skin and leave it on for 25 minutes. Then take a regular bath.

5. Bitter Gourd

  • Extract the juice of bitter melon (also called bitter gourd).
  • Apply this juice to the affected areas and leave it on for about 10 minutes. Rub and massage gently for another 10 minutes.
  • Finally, rinse the skin.

6. Pineapple and Honey

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of pineapple pulp with one tablespoon of honey.
  • Apply to the affected parts of the body and leave on for 5 minutes.
  • Finally, wash gently with water.

7. Orange Juice

  • Pour orange juice into ice cube trays and let it freeze.
  • Then take these ice cubes and rub them on the tanned areas.
  • Repeat this remedy twice a day.

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