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Weak hair roots – Definition, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

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What are weak hair roots?

  • Weak hair roots can be defined as limp, floppy, thin, or falling out. Split ends, extreme dryness or excessive oiliness can all be signed.
  • The best way to see if your hair is weak is by wrapping a bit of your hair around your finger.
  • If there are many lifted ends, your hair is likely damaged and weak.

What Are The Symptoms Of Weak Hair?

  • Experiencing more than usual hair breakage
  • Hair that appears to be very dull and lifeless
  • Split ends
  • Rough and frizzy texture
  • Hair that tangles a lot
  • Dryness
  • Hair that is very limp and cannot hold a style
  • Thinning hair

What Are The Causes Of Weak Hair Roots?

1. Genetics

  • The genes are the most significant influencing factor in the texture and strength of our hair.
  • Whether we get thick and coarse hair or fabulous and silky hair, it depends on your coat’s genetic makeup, passed down from your parents.
  • Hair disorders that control the health of your hair also depend on your genetic predisposition.

2. Chemical Processing

  • Chemical processing helps change your hair’s structure, damages your cuticles, and makes your hair weak.
  • The cuticle is the outermost protected layer of our hair, which acts as an obstacle that protects the hair shaft.
  • Once it is damaged, the hair becomes very weak and porous. It can also lead to hair loss.

3. Excessive Heat

  • Subjecting your hair to very extreme heat by using hot styling tools regularly damages the cuticles.
  • Taking hot showers also has an enormously damaging effect on your hair.
  • It happens because when the heat we apply to the hair shafts, the cuticles rise and let in excessive moisture.
  • The risen cuticles decrease the hair’s tensile strength and cannot protect the shaft from harmful external factors.

4. Lack Of Proteins

  • The proteins make up most of your hair’s build-up.
  • If the follicles do not get an adequate supply of proteins, your hair becomes weak, brittle, and prone to damage.
  • Protein deficiency also links to hair loss.

5. Hormonal Imbalance

  • Hormonal imbalances are due to thyroid disorders can often lead to hair loss.
  • PCOS and menopause can also be cause for abnormal hair growth.

6. Food Habits

  • A balanced diet is necessary for healthy hair growth.
  • If your body is suitable for specific vitamins, minerals, and proteins, it can lead to abnormal hair growth.
  • There are some necessary tests that you can conduct on your hair to see whether it is weak.

How To Diagnose and Treat Weak hair roots?

To prevent hair loss, you need to know the reasons and circumstances that provoke it and which can be due to the most diverse causes:

1. Seasonal Changes

  • Hormonal and seasonal changes, a lot of medication, stressful work, smoke environments that produce fat.
  • For this, nothing better than to prevent entirely natural products, as well as a diet rich in cereals.
  • Why who doesn’t want to be able to brag about having full and healthy hair?
  • Today we bring an excellent remedy for hair loss, mainly in the year when the hair loss problem is usually more severe.
  • Spring and fall are regular cycles, but it is necessary to strengthen the roots and hair.
  • This natural seasonal renewal does not weaken it, with external and internal remedies through proper nutrition.
  • Take note because it is easy to do, economical, and very efficient.

2. Medication

  • Not to mention that all the remedies to have healthy and robust hair need months of continuous use of the medication to stop the fall and new hair generation.
  • After that, there is to maintain continuity of treatment in an alternative way.
  • The recipe can be made at home and is very easy to make, using drugstore alcohol, rosemary leaves and flowers, and fresh parsley.
  • You can also check products from Allurium Beauty so you may see if this is the one that best suits your needs. There are plenty of choices on the market right now. Best if you do a bit of research.

3. Give volume to hair without altering it

  • The definitive solution to strengthen the weak hair roots is to restore the seeds to their excellent health.
  • Then begins a long ritual based on volumizing products: shampoos, masks, foams, and lacquers.
  • Rinsing, drying, and styling are essential at every stage. If you are diligent, your hair will regain strength, tone, and fullness.
  • The volumizing shampoo used must be formulated without silicone, as these particles weigh down the material.
  • If the hair is fragile, the silicone will suffocate it.
  • You can opt for volumizing shampoos based, for example, on ceramides, which provide volume without overloading the hair.

4. Hair Mask

  • The hair mask is essential for fine hair because their diameter is so small that they are quickly attacked and need protection.
  • However, only take a small amount of product at the risk of weighing down your hair.
  • Put it first on the roots, then work out to the half-lengths and rinse thoroughly after the indicated pause time.

5. Drying

  • Before drying them, untangle them using a carbon or wooden comb.
  • Then, proceed with the brushing using a plate made of boar hair or nylon hair.
  • Direct your head downwards to loosen the roots better.
  • Using a comb, then distribute a mousse over the towel-dried hair, starting from the sources to the ends and without rinsing.
  • You can spray a volumizing spray on the roots.
  • The heat of the dryer enhances the sheathing effect.
  • While blow-drying, keep your head down.
  • Then run your fingers to lift the roots well so that your hair is placed perpendicular to the scalp.

6. Start working against the direction of hair loss

  • Dry from below while holding your hair in the air.
  • When they are dry, spray a little hairspray by removing the roots well. When done, lift your head back and enjoy their volume without brushing them.
  • You can also lightly backcomb them at the roots with a brush to give the roots more hold and create volume!

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