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Linen is an incredibly popular fabric. So many people swear by it and choose to only style themselves in linen. From linen dresses to linen two-pieces and every other style in between, there are many good reasons why this fabric is so highly sought-after. Read on to learn why linen is a must-have in your closet.

Strength and Durability

Linen is regarded as the stronger natural fiber. Compared to cotton, another popular fabric, it’s much more durable. Because of the strength of the fiber, the clothing is more long-lasting. When well taken care of, the fabric has incredible longevity and can be passed down through generations. That’s part of what makes the fabric so timeless.

While caring for the fabric is incredibly important, it actually doesn’t require high-maintenance care. Linen fabric is machine washable. Use cold water and a detergent without bleach or whiteners to maintain the quality. Drying linen can be done on a low-tumble in your dryer or can be hung to dry. Another major care perk is that linen doesn’t require ironing. Unlike other fabrics like cotton which look sloppy and disheveled when wrinkled, linen is meant to have a wrinkled look to it. That’s just one part of its beauty.

One factor that turns some people off to linen is that the fabric can feel a bit rough when it’s new. A unique quality of linen fabric is that the material gets softer over time and will feel even better on the skin. Plus, the linen won’t shrink up in the wash. This material of your piece, such as the Belgium Linen Dress from Reformation, maintains its shape well. So, you don’t have to worry about your linen dresses or linen pants becoming too tight to wear or shrinking in length.

Belgium Linen Dress

Hypoallergenic Material

Linen is a natural fiber, which makes the material hypoallergenic. This is great news for anyone who suffers from allergies or skin conditions. Certain types of fabrics can cause irritation because of moisture build-up. When moisture builds up, it creates an ecosystem for bacteria and microbes to breed.

Linen, on the other hand, is a breathable material that allows air to move freely and release moisture at a quicker rate. Allergy and skin conditions sufferers can enjoy more comfortable days when wearing linen clothes.

Sustainable for the Environment

Another benefit of linen being a natural fiber is its effect on the environment. The fabric is cultivated from the stalks of flax plants, which has a much lower environmental impact compared to cotton. The flax plants can grow in poor soil and requires very little water, which also reduces the environmental impact.

Linen clothing isn’t the only product that can be made from flax plants. The plant can create nutritious like flaxseeds or linseeds. The linseeds can also be made to produce linseed oil. These seeds can be used in food, supplements, and other oils. The flax plants get more yield which means nothing goes to waste.

Linen is a biodegradable and recyclable fabric. This fabric drastically reduces textile waste, which is continuing to increase with the rise of fast fashion.

Versatile for Year-Round Wear

Whether you fill your closet with long linen dresses, short linen dresses, linen t-shirts, or linen pants, the items can be worn all year long. The magic of wearing linen is the material can keep you both cool and warm.

Linen is an incredibly popular fabric to wear during warm months like spring and summer due to its breathability and being lightweight. You can wear a long linen dress or wide-leg linen pants and feel as cool as a cucumber.

Flax, which linen is made from, has natural insulation properties. To keep you warm, linen will retain your body’s heat to keep you comfortable. It can also release excess heat, which is much different compared to cotton or wool. While those fabrics can keep you warm, they don’t offer the breathability to maintain a comfortable temperature in warm weather.

You can feel good about investing in linen pieces, such as the Greene Linen Dress or any one of the other stunning linen dresses carried by Reformation, knowing that not only will the quality hold up, but you can wear it all year long.

Greene Linen Dress

Incredibly Comfortable

The number one benefit for many linen wearers. The fabric stands the test of time and the longer you hold onto a piece and wear it, the most comfort you’ll experience. The material is lightweight, breathable, and effortlessly regulates temperature to keep you comfortable no matter what weather you wear it in.

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